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Paul S. Levine Literary Agent

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Mr. Paul Levine

Paul S. Levine Literary Agent

1054 Superba Avenue
Venice, CA 90291


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Apr 05, 2014 1:20 pm, JD_Wallace_826 said...
EQ 4/4/14
ER 4/4/14

Crime Thriller - 110k
Mar 12, 2014 8:48 pm, JD_Wallace_826 said...
EQ 3/7/14
ER 3/9/14
Commercial Spy - 94k
Dec 10, 2013 10:01 am, zippyMP said...
EQ 10/17
ER 10/17
Nov 19, 2013 4:51 pm, huggsngiggles said...
EQ- 11/18
ER- 11/18 (Few hours later)
Glad that it was quick.
Oct 23, 2013 7:51 am, Sampa4 said...
I wouldnt recommend he do that, Boxster. Thats best one on one or in an organized workshop setting. Shawn, none of this means you are a crappy writer. You might be. I might be. But unless you have thrown everything + the kitchen sink at writing, you dont know and what Im telling you is that you should not beat yourself up over it.

Now, if a writer has the MFA, has the workshops, has paid pro, published novelists who have written in your genre to edit your work and give you feedback, have paid a query editor...then you have definitely NOT thrown the kitchen sink at writing.

Shawn has thrown a lot at this, insofar as he sends out a hundred queries. Thats a damn good number. But he should liken this to going out into a battlefield with an assault rifle and just spraying the enemy lines. A lot of wasted bullets, a lot of collateral damage, and you might miss the bad guy. Youve got to be a freakin SNIPER. And that takes TRAINING. I can fire an M-5. You can too. You can't sit on your roof top with a shot gun and hit a moving target in no more than three shots. Not unless you practice. A LOT. And are taught how to do it by someone who CAN do it.

Once youve read the how to writing books, they no longer help. You have to go the extra mile. Those books are sneakers and shoe laces. You need to strap them on and get running the marathon and to do that you need to train. The pro workshops, the MFA, the pro editors...thats your training.

The reason he is getting rejected is that his query is not good enough and my bet is that a professional book editor, published author, agent, or pro journalist (at least 10 yrs reporting, not some blogger with an MFA out of Iowa) has not looked at it.

And writing ONLY counts if the query works. If the query does not work, then you can have The Great Gatsby and no one will know. Query's are crapshoots, yes. But they have to be as enticing as your first three chapters to get agents and publishers to want to read more.

For the record: I HATE QUERIES! As a journalist, my queries never have to be super exciting. And my editors take probably 80% of of my pitches. 50% on a bad day! If I had that kinda luck with agents, Id have 1 agent saying yes for everyone 1 that says no! Great stats!

Every graph in a query should get an agent/publisher to think, "tell me more". And even if it does, they might be like, "ya know what...even though I say I rep horror, Im done with it. This horror sounds okay, but Ive had no luck with selling horror."

It could be that too.

Do check out this website Shawn: query shark. Google it. Read it. Send your query to her if you want.

And PS: Paul Levine rejected me too. I didnt really want him anyway. Not a good fit, but one never knows. Beggars cant be choosers some times.

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