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Author Topic: My Short Stories Openings  (Read 20 times)
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To be quite honest with you: books are life!

« on: Yesterday at 02:07:32 PM »

Please tell me what you guys think of the openings of the short stories that I have been writing. Thank you!


Okwu N'anya

Hollywood Hell:

"Ziri, where is my water?"

I look up the from the checklist in my hands. Mrs. Chihuahua is rigidly sitting in her seat, hands folded, legs crossed. From the hard look on her face, she is pissed and impatient.

That's not good.

There are two moods Mrs. Chihuahua should never be in: pissed and impatient. You'll be fine if she is just in ONE mood. But, unfortunately for me, she is in both. So...I'm going to hell.

Cell 33:

There was a new smell in the air this morning. Yet, everyone in Lunar County Juvenile Detention Center knew that smell, that smell came a few times every couple of months. The smell that made some smile and others fearful, because no one knew what was to come. It was like the smell of home-grown lettuce picked straight from the ground. The smell of a flower field. The smell of newly overturned black dirt. The smell of freshly cut grass.

It was the smell of fresh meat.

A Bow in the Sky:

There is something about the rain that brings endless joy. It is not the smell of it before it comes, even though it is quite relaxing. It is not the taste of it, even though it is quite delicious. It is not the sight, nor the feeling, nor the sound of rain.

It was the aftermath and the rare, little miracle that comes with it. The beautiful phenomenon in the multiple colors. Just to see it, even for a second, is one of the greatest experiences in life.

It is the Bow. The Bow in the sky.



That is all Avalina held in her hands as the world around her collapsed. The fabric was smooth, soft, and surprisingly warm between her fingers. It reminded her so much of...him.

The Dream of Black and White:

The dream didn’t start out like the other ones. This one was quiet. Too quiet.

Anathema Griseo:

An aching pain crept up and down the small of my back. I groaned raspily and rolled onto my back. As soon as I did, I hacked out a burning cough. It went on for about a minute. All the while, I tried to stop and catch my breath. A little phlegm came up and I spat it out. I heard it hit the floor. My cough eventually stopped and I was able to catch my breath. I laid still.

A Rain of Mercury:

Once upon a time, in the year of 4000, there was a tiny planet somewhere in the vastness of the universe called Vanarian. It was a diverse place with gigantic jade-green forests, large scorching-hot deserts, and colorful little towns. Each biome was home to an array of animals from the black three-horned deer to the diamond-crusted jellyfish.

From your lovely writing friend,

Okwu N'anya
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