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Author Topic: Conflicting personalities - Website  (Read 3658 times)
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« on: December 22, 2017, 04:58:31 AM »

Hello, everybody! This is my first post here on Query Tracker. Already loving the site.

I'm seeking advice regarding a potential website. I am a professional [unkown] actor with agents who works in tv and film. I already have a website up and running, using my full name as the domain name, because it is required in my industry. My website has a dark vibe because the roles I've been typed for are dark, dramatic roles. And some of the tv shows I have displaying my work on my website depict violence. While my site is extremely professional, it is not a site that complements me as a pb writer. Aside from my television footage, nothing on my site is bad or disturbing. It's just that my bio is geared toward the dark roles I play, the colors of the text and backgrounds are moody to match my brand, etc. I thought of having a welcome page with two photos side by side with "actor" underneath one and "author" underneath the other and if somebody clicks the author page it would take them to a whimsical site instead of my dark acting site. BUT, that would still allow agents to see my acting site and might paint me as off-brand or a potential risk if I was to get signed, get a book deal, and then publishers, parents, schools, children, etc visited my acting site. With my social media presence, which is all about acting, at least it's easier to show my personal side and stray away from things only related to my acting type.

Do, I 1) Have a shared site for me as an author and actor? And if this is done I would just have to lighten the mood of my acting page a
            little while still keeping it on brand with the roles I play.
        2) Purchase a new domain with my same name as an actor but with author tied in (e.g. JohnDoeAuthor.com or JohnDoeBooks.com)
            and if they stumble
            upon my acting site (www.JohnDoe.com) no big deal?
        3) Create a pen name or just use my first and middle name and have a site based on that name (would prefer not to have to use a
            pen name)?
        4) Have no author website when I query agents, don't mention my acting website (but just mention I am an actor in my bio), and
            cross that path of potentially separating my personalities as an author/actor when I sign with an agent?

Thanks for the help!
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« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2017, 12:10:36 PM »

Personally, if I was already typed for something dark, I would not want it associated with work for younger readers or picture books. If you make a site while still querying, I would have it 100% separate from your acting, and I would either use a pen name or your first and middle. Or I would just wait with the writing site until you have an agent and then going from there with them- making a decision about what's best.

If you make a site now, you have to not only worry about your agents confusing the two, but also readers (or their parents). And it might turn some parents off.
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