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Author Topic: The Green Dragon Synopsis- adult action/adventure  (Read 167 times)

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« on: October 05, 2018, 12:21:58 PM »

Synopsis:  MARK and SANDY are a young married couple that share the same great grandmother and hence are second cousins.  From her, they have inherited psychic capabilities: telepathy, telekinesis, ESP, and mind reading.  Sandy also inherited super-physical strengths that let her excel beyond all known bounds.  In secret, she breaks World Records for fun.  They are both geniuses, but Sandy has an IQ of 214 making her a very rare universal genius.  Ultimately, Sandy is the heroine, although she is naive and uninhibited and in constant trouble with Mark.

     Mark and Sandy work for the Mind and Body Institute, a company whose is known for its pure research in psychic phenomena.  Unknown to the public is that the company is also an independent contractor for covert operations for the government, and this is the line of business where Mark and Sandy’s unusual abilities are used.

     Their assignment is to break a Columbian drug cartel by obtaining critical information from a DON who periodically visits a gentleman’s club.  Mark poses as an undercover DEA agent, while Sandy goes undercover as an astounding pole dancer.  She is transformed by the dancing experience: their eyes give her energy and makes her feel more beautiful than she thinks she is.  Surprisingly, Sandy finds herself sexually attracted to a dancer who’s a literal centerfold.  FRANK, an undercover agent like them, oddly tries to talk them out of the mission.  An invisible man named CARLOS sponsors physical attacks on them.  Sandy can’t read the Don’s mind and must risk going to his mansion.  She is found out and tortured but rescued by Mark.  Eventually she can read the Don’s mind and discovers a terrorist plot to ship sarin gas to the U.S. on the submarine Green Dragon in a shipment of cocaine.  Mark and Sandy qualify for a SEAL mission by completing their obstacle course and swimming one-thousand yards.  Flying jet fighters to rendezvous with the SEALs, Sandy’s pilot loses consciousness.  She reads the pilot’s memory of hundreds of successful landings and uses her mental powers to land on an aircraft carrier with zero hours of flying experience.  The SEALs invade the cartel’s base, quash the cartel, but the sarin gas has already been shipped via the Green Dragon.  Sandy begins the mission holding Mark’s hand for reassurance but, in the end, she runs down an armed traitor, a SEAL.  Mark kills the renegade SEAL by using telekinesis to fire a bolt of energy through him.  Mark and Sandy fly to New Jersey where they must intercept the Green Dragon and catch the devious middleman who can lead them to the terrorists.  When her helicopter crashes at sea, Sandy rescues the pilot, dragging him along as she swims four grueling hours to find the life-raft and the other survivors.  Mark uses his mental power to locate Sandy at sea and rescue her.  Mark, the FBI and the State Marine Police join forces to try to locate the middleman.  Sandy and the Coast Guard intercept the Cigarette boat carrying the sarin gas from the Green Dragon to the middleman on shore.  Sandy reads the captain’s mind for the hand-off point to the middleman.  Mark captures the middleman who turns out to be Frank aka Carlos.  The Coast Guard captures the Green Dragon.

 Cover to cover action.  Mind bending psychic abilities.  Well researched technical features.
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