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            Agent's Name Agency  
 Claire Dunnington  To learn more about these agents...
 Nicole LaBombard       Log In Above or Join (Free)
 Rebecca Winfield   
 Sabine Hrechdakian   
Mouse over the iconsCaroline Zimmerman   
    to learn their meaning.Brittany Howard   
 Sandra Bishop   
 Susannah Taylor   
 Richard Abate 3 Arts Entertainment  
 Cori Deyoe 3 Seas Literary Agency  
 Michelle Grajkowski 3 Seas Literary Agency  
   A & B Personal Management Ltd  
 Amy Jameson A + B Works  
   A.M.Heath & Co. Ltd  
   A.P. Watt Ltd  
 Tracey Adams Adams Literary Click an agent's name to view
 Josh Adams Adams Literary      his or her profile.
 Quinlan Lee Adams Literary  
 Anna Stein Aitken Alexander Associates  
 Clare Alexander Aitken Alexander Associates  
 Andrew Kidd Aitken Alexander Associates  
   Alan Brodie Representation Ltd  
 Albert LaFarge Albert LaFarge Literary Agency  
 Albert Longden Albert T. Longden Agency  
Mouse over the icons  Alexandra Nye, Writers & Agents  
    to learn their meaning.Alicka Pistek Alicka Pistek Literary Agency  
 Lee Hough Alive Communications  
 Rick Christian Alive Communications Keep track of your queries.
 Joel Kneedler Alive Communications      Learn more...
 Coleen O'Shea Allen O'Shea Literary Agency  
 Marilyn Allen Allen O'Shea Literary Agency  
 Amy Moore-Benson AMB Literary Management  
 Kathleen Anderson Anderson Literary Management  
 Jennifer Laughran Andrea Brown Literary Agency  
 Caryn Wiseman Andrea Brown Literary Agency  
 Lara Perkins Andrea Brown Literary Agency  
 Andrea Brown Andrea Brown Literary Agency  
 Laura Rennert Andrea Brown Literary Agency  
 Jamie Weiss Chilton Andrea Brown Literary Agency  
 Kelly Sonnack Andrea Brown Literary Agency  
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