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A list of 14,406 authors and the literary agents who represent them OR have represented them in the past.

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Author Agent
Dan Yaccarino Rebecca Sherman @ Writers House
Maurice Yacowar Beverley Slopen @ Beverley Slopen Literary Agency
Don Yaeger Frank Weimann @ Folio Literary Management
Behzad Yaghmaian Scott Andrew Mendel @ Mendel Media Group, LLC
David Yallop The Marsh Agency Ltd
Irvin Yalom Sandra Dijkstra @ Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Amy Yamada The Marsh Agency Ltd
Taichi Yamada The Marsh Agency Ltd
Katie yamasaki Edward Necarsulmer @ Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency
Karen Yampolsky Frank Weimann @ Folio Literary Management
Hanya Yanagihara Anna Stein @ ICM Partners
Richard Yancey Brian DeFiore @ DeFiore and Company
Belinda Yandell Michael Larsen @ Larsen Pomada Literary Agency
J. Belinda Yandell Michael Larsen @ Larsen Pomada Literary Agency
Jonathan Yang Stefanie Von Borstel @ Full Circle Literary, LLC
Jonathan Yang Lilly Ghahremani @ Full Circle Literary, LLC
Wesley Yang Edward Orloff @ McCormick Literary
Dan Yankelovitch Fredrica Friedman @ Fredrica S. Friedman & Co.
Brian Yansky Ronnie Ann Herman @ Herman Agency
Brian Yansky Sara Crowe @ Pippin Properties, Inc.
Mercedes M. Yardley Jason Yarn @ Jason Yarn Literary Agency
Rebecca Yarros Jamie Bodnar Drowley @ Inklings Literary Agency
Peter Yarrow Paula Allen @ Screenland Literary Associates
Bart Yates Gail Fortune @ Talbot Fortune Agency, LLC
Bart Yates John Talbot @ Talbot Fortune Agency, LLC
Maisey Yates Helen Breitwieser @ Cornerstone Literary Agency
Richard Yates Britta Steiner Alexander @ The Ned Leavitt Agency
Robert Yates Jonny Geller @ Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Teresa Yea Christa Heschke @ McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
Lisa Yee Jodi Reamer @ Writers House
Robert Yehling Dana Newman @ Dana Newman Literary
David Yelland Peter Cox @ Redhammer Management Ltd
tara yellen Alice Tasman @ Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency
Emily Yellin Jennifer Gates @ Zachary Shuster Harmsworth
David Yezzi Erin Harris @ Folio Literary Management
Rafael Yglesias Lynn Nesbit @ Janklow & Nesbit Associates
Charlyne Yi Ross Harris @ Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency, Inc.
Eileen Yin-Fei Lo Betsy Nolan @ Betsy Nolan Literary Agency
Hong Ying The Marsh Agency Ltd
Bonnie Yochelson Albert LaFarge @ Albert LaFarge Literary Agency
Guy Yocom Scott Waxman @ Waxman Leavell Literary
Rika Yokomori The Marsh Agency Ltd
Jane Yolen Elizabeth Harding @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Danielle Yongue-Ullman Emmanuelle Morgen @ Stonesong
David Yonke Sorche Fairbank @ Fairbank Literary Representation
David Yoo Steven Malk @ Writers House
Carol Kaesuk Yoon Elizabeth Wales @ Wales Literary Agency
Lynn York Erin Malone @ William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Rebecca York Ethan Ellenberg @ Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
Sabrina York Lane Heymont @ The Tobias Literary Agency
Christy Yorke Natasha Kern @ Natasha Kern Literary Agency
Banana Yoshimoto Jennifer Lyons @ Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency, LLC
Alfred Young Jill Marsal @ Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC
Audrey Young Max Gartenberg @ Max Gartenberg Literary Agency
Beryl Young Beverley Slopen @ Beverley Slopen Literary Agency
Carolin Young William Clark @ Wm Clark Associates
Courtney Young Joyce Hart @ Hartline Literary Agency
E.L. Young Julia Churchill @ A.M.Heath & Co. Ltd
Ed Young Edward Necarsulmer @ Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency
Ed Young Christa Heschke @ McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
Felicity Young Lisa Grubka @ Fletcher & Company
Gavin Young Anna Stein @ ICM Partners
Gordon Young Jeff Gerecke @ G Agency, LLC
Michele Young Scott Eagan @ Greyhaus Literary Agency
Moira Young Gillie Russell @ Aitken Alexander Associates
Molly Young Seth Fishman @ The Gernert Company
Robin Young Lynne Rabinoff @ Lynne Rabinoff Associates
Scott Young Carrie Pestritto @ Prospect Agency
Steve Young Paul Levine @ Paul S. Levine Literary Agent
suzanne young Melissa Sarver White @ Folio Literary Management
Suzanne Young Amy Tipton @ Signature Literary Agency
Michele Young-Stone Michelle Brower @ Kuhn Projects LLC
Gary Younge Jonny Geller @ Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Danielle Younge-Ullman Michelle Brower @ Kuhn Projects LLC
Danielle Younge-Ullman Wendy Sherman @ Wendy Sherman Associates
Robert Youngson Juri Gabriel
David Yount James Schiavone @ Schiavone Literary Agency
David Yount Deborah Grosvenor @ Grosvenor Literary Agency
Malala Yousafzai Amanda Urban @ ICM Partners
Brenna Yovanoff Sarah Davies @ Greenhouse Literary Agency
Charles Yu Gary Heidt @ Signature Literary Agency
Chun Yu Jill Marsal @ Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC
Su-Mei Yu Sarah Jane Freymann @ Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency
Lidia Yukvavitch Rayhane Sanders @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Hyewon Yum Sean McCarthy @ Sean McCarthy Literary Agency
Katherine Yurica Ken Sherman @ Ken Sherman & Associates
Amy Yurk Victoria Sanders @ Victoria Sanders & Associates

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some authors listed more than once, and under different agents?
This is because the listing shows current and past agents. Knowing that an author was once a client is just as valuable as knowing who that author's agent is now. The agent's tastes probably didn't change, the author just moved on.
Where does this information come from?
Most of it is gathered from the authors and agents websites, and a lot is provided by QueryTracker users.
I know of an author/agent relationship that is not listed here. How can I add it?
On the "Clients" tab of each agent's profile page there is a form for adding known clients.
Why does it help to know who reps whom?
When seeking an agent, it is advisable to target agents who represent books similar to yours. For this it helps to learn the authors and books which the agent represents. It is also useful to state in your query letter why you are approaching a certain agent. Being able to state a similarity to past clients helps with this.