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Title: YA sci-fi - Looking for an alpha reader
Post by: Alniah on August 24, 2011, 04:28:57 PM

I am looking for an alpha reader (yes you read it right, an alpha reader) on my novel The End World. The first draft is complete and I have a couple of plot changes in mind but I really need a solid opinion on the present plot/characters. I would love to swap with someone, maybe chapter by chapter or the whole enchilada, whatever works with everyone.

Here is the query for the novel to get an idea what it is about:

Dear alpha reader,

Lana is meant to be good at following orders. She joined The Program, the rebuilding project of a devastated parallel Earth, to honor her father who died discovering The End World.

Her job description is simple: keep everyone safe, even if that means having to trank a survivor or two.

When she is sent to neutralize one of the survivors’ leaders, Lana doesn’t know whether to follow her orders or show her leader her middle finger. She is scared out of her camouflage panties that she won't pull through. It's not like
"spy skills wanted" was on the job application.

If being led by Alex, a survivor with a cute butt and mad fighting skills, wasn't enough to distract her, discovering her father is alive will. When she finds him hiding amongst the survivors and learns her people caused the planet's devastation in the first place, she has to choose between her loyalty to her world and the loyalty to her father.

THE END WORLD is a 70,000 word young-adult science fiction novel about learning to choose between what is said to be right and what is felt to hold true.
Title: Re: YA sci-fi - Looking for an alpha reader
Post by: Rain on September 02, 2011, 02:37:42 PM
Hi Alniah!

I am starting to look for critiquer (even though I made that word up, I am pretty good at grammar) for my story.  I'm interested in swapping and it sounds like you have a cool story!
Would you be opposed to reading MG fantasy?
My other question...What is the difference between a beta reader, an alpha reader and a critique partner?  I've critiqued stories before, but I just wanted to know what the difference is with these terms so I know what's expected.
Title: Re: YA sci-fi - Looking for an alpha reader
Post by: Alniah on September 02, 2011, 05:01:09 PM
Ooh I am so glad I got an answer  ;D. I am not at all against reading MG fantasy but I am no expert in the field at all. If you are okay with that then we're in business.

I read an article somewhere...let's see if I can find it...here it is: http://www.beth-bernobich.com/Essays/AlphaBeta.htm
Pretty much an alpha reader looks at the big picture, plot, overall characterization and dynamics...they will usually read an earlier draft and not worry so much about line edits and grammar.
Beta readers on the other end will the the readers reading maybe the 3rd or 4th draft, when the plot has usually been made pretty solid and the reader may focus on style, grammar, RR (reader reaction)...
I haven't read the article in awhile but I think that is the balk of it.

If you are interested still, maybe we could do a chapter by chapter swap (please PM me with your email adress)