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Title: Wanted: CP for literary-esque YA fantasy
Post by: Astlel on May 22, 2014, 09:29:32 PM
Hi guys!

I keep getting super-vague and hard-to-fix feedback on rejections, like "I didn't connect with your characters" and "I found it too slow-paced". I'm looking for general thoughts on how to correct these problems.

Quick summary: In a world where a sinister Council regulates all magic, twin magicians Arcanu and Lycænu are born into slavery. Arcanu, who can pass for a member of the master race, assumes a place in the prestigious Academy where magicians train to become Councilmen. Lycænu foments a rebellion against the Council, and Arcanu is assigned to spy on him. Conflict ensues!

(Also, if you're not LGBT-friendly, this probably isn't the story for you)