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Title: Best Investment for Your Query/Manuscript?
Post by: dmdomosea on July 27, 2019, 09:21:21 AM
Hey QT Community,

If you had a bit of money to invest in improving your current manuscript, where do you think the most value might be had? I'm not talking enough for a full manuscript edit by a high-level professional but a modest sum that would allow you to do one of the below options:

1) A two-day in-person workshop with a tract specific to your genre/audience led by a big-5 editor (27 attendants max; 15 minute, 10-page critique with the editor as an add-on) 

2) Online workshop with lecture, discussion boards and one-on-one feedback (via email within 30 days) on query, synopsis and first 5 pages by a literary agent (no attendee limits that I can see . . .)

3) 3-week lecture-style online course, directed by a well-known agent-author, with in-line critique of first page, and feedback on first 5 pages and query (16 attendees max)

4) Full developmental edit by a freelance editor/agency intern

Title: Re: Best Investment for Your Query/Manuscript?
Post by: slightlysmall on July 27, 2019, 06:33:41 PM
Depends on where you're at in the process and where you most struggle. I'd want the second option because synopses will be the death of me. I am paying to pitch an agent at a conference, um, this next Friday, so I consider that a worthy investment.

But that's me. I have good CPs who've given me feedback on the structure, and my writing is never nearly as much of a concern to me as the plot (all my query rejections have been "great writing, but..." in some form or another). It's queries and synopses where I feel most out of my element.

What about you? New to the business and want lots of details? The two-day intensive seems awesome. Pretty much know what you're doing, but want to see if you're doing it well? option 2 or 3 sounds good. Totally flailing/not sure if the book itself, rather than the writing/pitching is going well? Option four would be right.
Title: Re: Best Investment for Your Query/Manuscript?
Post by: dmdomosea on July 28, 2019, 04:54:16 PM
Thank you, slightlysmall, for your perspective! Breaking it down by where I'm at in the writing stage is a good way to think of it.  :up:

Honestly, like you, I'm not worried about the mechanics of my writing--I feel pretty confident on that front.  :)

Rather, I'm looking to figure out what's not working with the novel I'm querying. Is it the query? The sample pages? Is it the concept that's not grabbing? Thinking of it that way, option two might be the best bet, since it provides an oveall look at all three query items.

Thanks again, and good luck at conference!