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Title: How much full MS feedback should I take on board?
Post by: mysticatical on February 16, 2021, 12:35:45 PM
I've had two full rejections. Both were very complimentary about the idea, the writing. One said the plot didn't sustain itself in the way they'd hoped.

The second provided the most detailed and complimentary feedback, saying they really liked the book - that the writing and structure are great - they complemented specific things, and gave quite a detailed idea of what they thought could be better: they struggled to connect with the character and they thought the novel needed a clearer heart. He invited me to submit after revisions and said quite concisely what these would be. He said otherwise he hopes I find another agent who completely gets this version of it. I connected with a lot of the advice, but is this likely to be objective feedback or is this sort of feedback quite common when someone rejects a full? I have re-worked it based on his feedback and think it is better (albeit very different) but I'm not sure how far to go. I worry, as a people pleaser, I might take all agent feedback as good feedback and end up with a Frankenstein monster!
Title: Re: How much full MS feedback should I take on board?
Post by: Viddiest on February 16, 2021, 02:07:18 PM
Hi Mysticatical,

Congratulations on your revise and resubmit (R No R). This is not a Rejection but a possible (not definite) path to an offer. Thank the agent but sit with the suggestions for a while. Don’t rush through them. You did not just get a standard full rejection. Don’t immediately implement all the changes but take your time and work on a different copy of the original. The changes won’t read right if they don’t feel right to you. You’re not expected to revise and resubmit immediately but after a decent length of time (varies but i’d say month- 4 months). You have to love your changes. Otherwise don’t make them.  Good luck. Sounds like you have a great novel.
Title: Re: How much full MS feedback should I take on board?
Post by: MegTravelz on February 16, 2021, 02:58:08 PM
I agree with Viddiest! (Also, congrats on the R&R. Agents don't hand those out, unless they really do see potential for the novel and like big parts of it). If you connect with the suggested changes, and you like your new manuscript better (ie, think it's stronger), then by all means, keep the revisions! You should only throw out the agent's comments if they don't sit right with you, or it's not the direction you want the novel to take. Agents will have different visions for novels than authors sometimes do, and it doesn't make anyone wrong. You just have to know if you agree with the vision. And in the end, you're the one who calls the shots about what vision to follow.

I got a R&R a few months ago from an agent, and upon reading her comments, couldn't believe I hadn't already made those changes. Everything made sense with where I wanted to take my book, and I felt that she really saw the core of it. So I decided to revise. After 3 months of extensive revisions, I had a manuscript that I loved even more, and knew was much stronger.

Best of luck!
Title: Re: How much full MS feedback should I take on board?
Post by: mysticatical on February 19, 2021, 09:22:31 AM
Thanks both! A lot of the advice resonated with me and I've worked the MS. I feel I've written and dealt with this MS in quite an intuitive way, to date. I do worry a bit about the process - how as a people pleaser I may well agree with every alternative vision, and not be able to differentiate between "different" and "better."

MegTravelz, I felt the same, like she had understood the core of my book, and its core issues. Did you resend her the MS? Have you heard back yet?
Title: Re: How much full MS feedback should I take on board?
Post by: MegTravelz on February 23, 2021, 12:34:30 PM
Ugh, isn't it the best when an agent "gets" your book?  :)

I sent the revised manuscript back in December; ultimately, it was a pass. She said I addressed all of her issues in the revisions, and then she said lot of really nice, specific things about my book. However, she was looking to fall in love with the revised version, and she unfortunately didn't-- liked it, yes, but not head over heels in love :(

I don't regret a thing though-- my manuscript is 1000% stronger this way, and at least I've now had an actual agent read it (twice lol) and say there's no major plot issues and my MC is engaging. Onwards!