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Title: Social Media Free
Post by: Talean on March 31, 2022, 04:44:33 PM
So, I'm one of those bizarre people who decided long ago that they wanted nothing to do with social media. I have LinkedIn, but that's hardly the same. In this day and age, is not having Twitter and the like a disadvantage? I notice almost every QueryManager form asks for my social media or website links, of which I have none.

Do agents care that much? If I want to get one, must I wade into the filth of social media and try to get a following?
Title: Re: Social Media Free
Post by: oliviamauthor on March 31, 2022, 09:36:46 PM
I don’t have Twitter. I hope it’s not a disadvantage since at this point I doubt I could generate much of a following from scratch (the algorithms are so finicky now). I do plan on having a website. I think buying a URL/domain name, using a website builder like WordPress, and following instructions on how to design an author website is all a good idea so your future readers have an easy way to find the book, Amazon purchase link, and your author bio. Maybe even to start a blog, which can be monetized as side income.
Title: Re: Social Media Free
Post by: Talean on April 01, 2022, 08:47:14 AM
I was thinking the same - make a website and perhaps a blog. I need to do that anyways for my own business (architectural designer), and could probably combine the two.
Title: Re: Social Media Free
Post by: oliviamauthor on April 01, 2022, 10:49:33 AM
That sounds like a great idea!

What still has me baffled is how to design an author website prior to a book deal or even an agent. Like you, I’ve seen how the QueryManager form requests a website link, but I feel silly setting up a website for a book that’s not even out (and in the most unfortunate scenario, may never be published.)

I’d also think the publisher would want the book launch to have “freshness” to it i.e. launching a website promoting the book that feels new, polished and not like a DIY blog that’s been sitting around for months while the writer queries. I don’t know, but maybe the website part of QM is for established authors more so than for debut novelists?
Title: Re: Social Media Free
Post by: Munley on April 01, 2022, 04:51:51 PM
I have a Twitter account under a different name, which allows me to look at agents' pages and things of local interest. I never retweet anything of even post anything.

Agent's Twitter posts give some idea of their main interests and even personalities sometime, which can be a help in assessing how compatible you might be.

If you don't have a publishing record to base an author's web page on, you'll have nearly 2 years from the date of the publisher's acceptance to the day the book actually comes out. You can check out possible web sites, online venues and design possibilities in the meantime. If an agent asks whether you have a web page, you can say those are things you're doing.
Title: Re: Social Media Free
Post by: Jub666 on April 04, 2022, 08:13:44 AM
I have a website which I used in order to set up a visionboard / character study / character interviews. It's not the best, but may give you some ideas.  I also set up an Instagram account, but haven't really posted anything on there. I have Twitter, but it's just to follow agents that I'm interested in (and authors too).


Title: Re: Social Media Free
Post by: Neil Lynch on May 19, 2022, 09:57:41 PM
I gotta say I'm in the same boat with the same questions.

Facebook's a cesspit and twitter's infinitely worse.

And then I read somewhere during my querying that a lot of agents like you to have TEN THOUSAND followers that you actively engage with.

Whilst trying to promote my work over the last year or two on Twitter, I felt I had to help the US eject Trumpy.  So I got my 10,000 followers.  It's just none of them were interested in anything outside the US, it appeared.  So I deleted them all and now I'm back to only having three or four.  Or so.

I can't help but feel SM is a young person's game.  Especially, if it's a popularity contest.  I've loved and lost more times than I've had hot dinners...
Title: Re: Social Media Free
Post by: Talean on August 03, 2022, 05:08:28 PM
I decided to turn to the Query Shark for help. She, too, suggested that an author's website was a great tool to have.
A website also seems much better than getting any sort of social media, so, I made one.
As mentioned above, I went half-writing/half-portfolio.

https://www.talean.net/ (https://www.talean.net/)
For any who are interested...