Author Topic: Beta reader needed - MG fantasy  (Read 2733 times)

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Beta reader needed - MG fantasy
« on: June 06, 2012, 02:16:05 PM »
Hi gang! I'm new to these parts (as far as actively commenting) but some of you may know me from the rounds I've been making on the contest circuit, lol. I've written THE FAMILY VYGIL, a MG 56000-word fantasy. Ideally I'd like to get fresh eyes on my novel without you knowing the pitch or query beforehand, but if you'd like more info or you do know of my story from said contests and are still interested in reading it, I'd be so appreciative. I, in turn, offer my services of beta reading and critiquing if you need it. I really love the feeling of community here and any help you can offer would be so great. Thanks! -April

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Re: Beta reader needed - MG fantasy
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2012, 03:04:41 AM »
Hi! And welcome to QT! 

I'm a MG fantasy/sci fi writer and at the moment, am waiting to hear back on a few subs and edits, so I'd have time to look over it.
Nope, I haven't seen your MS anywhere yet (but then I'm not a huge contest fan  ;D). I might need a couple eyes on my MG fantasy (32,000) in a few weeks, but that depends on how the edits go.

If you're interested, feel free to email me:
tdrecker (at) gmail (dot) com

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Re: Beta reader needed - MG fantasy
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2012, 12:18:28 PM »
aprilmwall, I write MG, and while I don't write fantasy, I do read it. Realize I'm a little late here, but if you need someone else to look at your manuscript I'd be happy to do it. I'm looking for MG crit partners in general.