Author Topic: Beta Reader/Critique Partner for Dark comedy?  (Read 1472 times)

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Beta Reader/Critique Partner for Dark comedy?
« on: April 16, 2012, 10:10:05 AM »
Hey friends! I'm looking for Beta Readers/Critique partners for the 3rd draft of a dark comedy I'm working on. It's at 75,000 words or so, and I'd gladly critique yours as well. :koolaid: Oh yeah. Message me or reply if interested.


At twelve years old, Judge is brought to enlist with a Christian Terrorist group by his desperate father. Having to pretend to succumb to their ideology out of fear of elaborate punishments, Judge finds that his only means of escape is being their handpicked suicide bomber, chosen by God to set off a nuclear warhead in the heart of a crowded city. Unwilling to bring about the apocalypse and unable to land his violent but well-intentioned father and faux-family in jail, Judge takes the bomb and disappears, stowing away on the first vehicle he sees.

After endearing himself to a band of groupie-obsessed, drug-addeled rock stars, Judge becomes their roadie and falls in love with their strong-willed, redheaded tour manager. But when the band turns out to be every bit as sick as the group that raised him, Judge is forced to flee again. This escape lands him in the city he was supposed to destroy. Once a figure from Judge’s past reminds him that he has the power to kill millions sitting in his backpack, Judge finds out that he might never be able to run far away enough from his past.