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Critique Partner for YA Fantasy
« on: February 02, 2013, 10:17:27 AM »
Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a critique partner for my 80k YA Fantasy. I'd like someone who'd be willing to look over 2-3 chapters a week, and of course I'd be more than happy to return the favor. Here's my query for the novel, please pm me or answer here if you're interested. Thank you!

Daela Blackwell has no magic in her, a revelation which plunges her status from noble to the scrap on every beggar’s shoe. When she witnesses her half-brother’s kidnapping by an enemy long forgotten, no one believes her -- no one except Ash, her brother’s favorite smuggler and sometimes friend. But help is scarce, and even a coward who turned on his people to escape imprisonment is better than nothing.

With Ash as a guide, Daela tracks her brother into Ethra, the desolate world where Ash’s people have been incarcerated for centuries. There, they learn that the spell used to create Ethra has become unstable, and that the world itself is consuming its inhabitants. With death courting her every step, Daela grows closer to Ash, and realizes that neither he nor his people are the vile monsters she’d grown up believing.

But getting into Ethra was the easy part. Now they have to get out, and Daela’s escape plan is still a work in progress. To make matters worse, Daela finds out that her brother’s kidnapper plans to sacrifice him in a dark ritual that will free everyone from the lethal world. Daela must make a choice: let her brother die, or condemn a race she once despised to the same fate.