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Hi everyone,

I have just completed my first manuscript (82,000+ words, contemporary fiction.) Three characters--one major, two minor--are from Darlington, England. I've given their dialect/dialogue my best shot (based mainly on BBC programming, YouTube videos, and a few other websites!) I'd really like to get some feedback from people who are familiar with how English is spoken in that area. My query list contains one agent who is originally from England, and another agent who lived there for several years--I don't want to start off on the wrong foot by butchering the Queen's English!

Any feedback at all from someone familiar with Northeast England (County Durham) would be welcome, even if it's just a few phrases/terms that differ from Southern American English. I'd be happy to critique something in return. If you don't have time to read the entire manuscript, I could condense it down to just the dialogue of the characters in question (although the context probably wouldn't make much sense!) If anyone is interested, please reply back and I'll be in touch.

Many thanks, and best wishes to all...
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