Author Topic: essential ebook marketing tips?  (Read 3217 times)

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essential ebook marketing tips?
« on: March 12, 2013, 07:52:55 PM »
Hey friends. Back on QT after some frustration with not being able to land an agent for a few different projects. Now, I'm just going to put them up on the kindle store, and I was hoping to get some pointers people have on how to generate interest in my book.

 What book blogs should I pursue?
 Are there any in-person things that can be helpful?
 Is KDP worth it?
 Would it be worth it to pay a publicist?
 Anything other tips?!

I've always loved the feedback I've gotten on this forum, and I can't wait to hear what y'all have to say.

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Re: essential ebook marketing tips?
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2013, 10:29:00 PM »
I am reading everything I can about self publishing. Jane Friedman has blogged a lot on the subject as well as many others.

I recommend you consider publishing on both Kindle Direct publishing and on Smashwords. If you enroll in the KDP select program, your book will be restricted to Kindle Direct Publishing. But the good news is you can publish on Kindle Direct Publishing without enrolling in the KDP select program.

If you follow the Smashwords Style Guide and get your eBook in the Smashwords Premium catalog, it will be distributed to iBookstore, B&N, and many other outlets. Apple IBookstore now operates in 51 countries.

Self-published eBook sales typically start out slow and then climb over time, if your stories are well received. That has been the experience of the people I've spoken with. I spoke to one self-published author on Saturday who received only $43.00 in royalties her first month and now receives between a $1000.00 to $2000.00 per month. She has a romance series and does practically no marketing other than occasional short post on Facebook.

I would recommend you download the Smashwords Style Guide and the free Smashwords marketing guide. You may want to follow Mark Coker's blog posts.

He makes a lot of predictions about self-publishing and the publishing industry as a whole.

Self publishing a book has never been easier, but marketing that book is getting more difficult each day. When there are so many eBooks to choose from, how do you get a significant number of readers to find yours and then more importantly purchase it? The people who learn how to do that become best-selling authors. A self-published eBook is like adding another grain of sand to a large beach. No one knows it's there.

So far, the best answers I've heard are from previously unknown authors who wrote good books that were part of a series. The readers who liked the first book purchased all the rest of the books and then asked for more. At the same time new readers are finding their books because people who liked their books wrote good reviews. It's the same formula the big-name authors have been doing for years in print books. If you have four or five books that are part of a series, the authors are more likely to have greater royalty checks.

I am currently reading the first book in a series by an unknown author, based on what I've read so far, I think the series has a chance to make some fairly decent numbers over time as it becomes found and people begin to write reviews on it. There are a lot of good writers out there who have written good stories, but no one has seen the sparkle on their grain of sand yet. When I finish the first book, I will post a review. I hope in some small way my review will add a little sparkle so other readers can find the author's books.

Bottom line: Write compelling stories, and keep plugging away at getting readers to find those stories.

Self publishing is like planting a seed. With enough nourishment, over time it will grow into something others can see. 

I apologize for making this so long, but I hope at least some of the above answers a few of your questions.

Best of luck to you.

PS  Did I mention I have an eBook for sale. Good luck trying to find it. There is absolutely no sparkle on it yet, but I'm hopeful that book reviewer in Canada is going to like it.  :wink:
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Re: essential ebook marketing tips?
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2013, 12:56:17 PM »
Thanks Nostrabuttus! Awesome name and even more awesome advice. Gives me a lot to chew on, and I'm definitely going to look up smashwords now.