Author Topic: Plagiarism & Ideas  (Read 9007 times)

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Re: Plagiarism & Ideas
« Reply #15 on: August 10, 2007, 02:19:28 PM »
Well that's irritating, Senshi. But you can probably make some changes.

As for was more like Stranger than Fiction. In my WIP, the mc works in a grocery store, always sweeping and thinking he's worthless. In real life, the student, I found out, works as a building porter. Not only was he the best artist in the whole department but he won an award for MATH. I got so annoyed with him and his total lack of self confidence and belief that sweeping out buildings was a good job, I told him if I ran into him anywhere and he still had a broom in his hand, I would strangle him. I'm still mad. And he's graduated. But I have a spy. A fabulous graphic designer with her own studio I know lives in the building where he lives (and works) (that's another WEIRD story). So I told her to make sure he does something with his life.

I hope it turns out better than my mc's.  :(

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Re: Plagiarism & Ideas
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'Atta girl, Chelc!   :clap:

Hold firm to your convictions, and if your friend doesn't like it, just tell him to go change his name!

Oh, that conversation would go well  :lol: