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Other's queries: how to find them?

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 :emb: Patrick, I understand there are queries tucked away somewhere on this site that writers are willing to share with other writers, and actually admit they didn't work, or did. I'd really like to see them, but I can't find them. Help.


So far there aren't many.  People are a little hesitant to share, but more and more are starting to do it.  To view them you have to add an agent to your query list, then on the agent's page there will be a tab labeled "Other Letters"  If anyone has posted a public query to this agent it will be shown there.

Thanks for answering my question, Patrick. The way I understand it, I can only read the queries that might have been posted under the author(s) I queried. Will take  a look. Has anybody seen Kristen Nelson's blog? She's big on queries.

Yes. She's also big on asking for partials and rejecting them.  :'(

Cole Gibsen:
 ;D HA! Yes she is!


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