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Re: Hypothetical question
« Reply #15 on: January 12, 2014, 08:51:56 AM »
IMO we sometimes make the mistake of trying to catergorize agents into one group, when there are all kinds of agents with different MOs. Pup tent hit on one group, with his Rudolph syndrome concept, (Pretty cool observation Pup), Mooky and Falen hit on another (very valid way some agents operate). Since some agents fall in the Rudolph category i would definitely let all agents know to reach them. The ones who operate in trusting their first impressions won't change but they were already lost anyway. But it could serve you well in getting the Rudolph agents in getting interested in you MS.

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Re: Hypothetical question
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I guess I assumed that people don't sit on queries longer than their response times, but then I dunno. When I said notify everyone, I mostly just meant, either tell any open requests or queries about the offer, or rescind them, so you don't have any loose ends left, you know?
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