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Critique partner for YA Fantasy
« on: February 25, 2014, 08:50:46 AM »
My first chapter is here:

What I'm looking for is a CP who can give me feedback on grammar. This is my second novel I've written. It has been edited few times by beta readers but I know there are still grammatical issues that aren't spotted.

My novel runs at 78 000 words. It is written for YA but there are some dark elements and gory details. It was inspired by Alice in Wonderland but with monsters in it and Alice is disguised as a man throughout her journey. There are some romantic elements but not the main focus in this story.

I am willing to be a beta reader in return. I won't be able to say anything in terms of grammar apart from the obvious mistakes but I can give detail feedback on the overall story. I am an avid reader, I've read more than 500 books so I can spot the cliches and as a reader, I can write detail review on your story.

I prefer to read YA, UF, NA, Paranormal and Contemporary genre. Fantasy... not so much lol. I'm not really a fantasy reader although I am writing a fantasy series (only mine has a childish tone in it compared to Tolkien or GRR Martin). I like first person pov, strong character lead and well... surprise me :)

Edit: I forgot to add. Only serious critics please. I had a critique exchange with someone before. I gave her my feedback and she never returned mine *sadface* So to avoid anymore disappointments, I only want someone who's really interested and willing to commit.
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