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How did you find QueryTracker?

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This site was mentioned by multiple people, to the point where I realized it would be dumb not to check it out. I'm glad I'm here.

Neil Lynch:
At the start of the UK lockdown, I decided it was time to write my second novel, Zen And The Art Of Saving Life On Earth.  A year later, it was ready but I wasn't sure whether I should just give the novel away for free online or try selling it (ie via agents / publishers).  I did a google search for agents taking online submissions and was impressed so many seemed happy and willing for manuscripts to be submitted this way. 

With more and more potential recipients of my work insisting they preferred to be contacted through querytracker, it wasn't long before I was scouring the site for suitable places to send my work.

I must have sent it to 400 agents.  I have to say I'm dismayed at how much many of the agencies valued huge social media followings (I'm not a fan of SM).  Still, who knows, I might someday be a fan - at least, by the time I get round to considering writing a sequel / 3rd novel.

A writing friend on Critique Circle pointed me to Nathan Bransford and he pointed me here.  :)


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