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How did you find QueryTracker?

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Miss Java:
Saw it in your signature line on Absolute Write.

(I'm really glad you started a forum, by the way.)

Hi Miss Java, welcome aboard.  Is this the same Miss Java that runs "Coffee Break for Writers?"  Must be, after all, how many Miss Javas can there be?  Either way, welcome.

By the way, I haven't seen much activity on your blog, I hope that means that you've been so busy with your novel that you just haven't had the time to blog.   :write:

Miss Java:
It's true!  I have actually been working on my manuscript.

So if you see me post a lot, you might want to nag me and tell me to get back to work!  More than likely it means I am procrastinating.

--Miss Java

Same as Miss Java, I saw the pretty picture during my lurking days at Absolute Write. I'm loving the organization and the additions recently added on!

chasing the dream:
Great site!

You sent me here in a reply to one of my posts on the Blue Boards. This site looks like that magical "just what I needed" to stay organized!

Cool place


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