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Re: Crit Circle
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They never work for me. I often find the time and energy i put into critiquing other people's work was rarely reciprocated on the crits i received. They just always ended in frustration or resentment from me. After trying a few different ones, i just learned my lesson that they're not for me

Boy-howdie! And, in all honesty, my winning personality might have something to do with how quickly I've gone through crit buddies. Now, I work on my writing, this query/agent/pubisher shell game and reserve my crits for QT. Ain't y'all happy?  ;D
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Critiques should spur growth and improvement. Neither is painless.

I don't do personal attacks, defense/debate of work or grudges.

Remember, my comment's worth exactly what you paid for it. Use it, ignore it or PM-me and I'll remove it. 

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Re: Crit Circle
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