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Re: it's murder, I say
« Reply #15 on: October 14, 2015, 11:31:10 PM »
Yes, synopses are definitely evil. >:D 

Here's my suggestion: if you have a crit partner you've swapped manuscripts with, each of you can write the other person's synopsis.  (Assuming, of course, that they've recently read your entire book and know it fairly well.)

Even if it's pretty rough, having a draft that someone else wrote will get you unstuck and give you a framework to start with.  Then you can tidy up the details and change up the wording here and there to put it in your own voice, but the hard part -- summarizing the key points of the plot -- is done.  And as we all know, it's soooo much easier to summarize a book you didn't write yourself. ;D

Good idea. Thank you.

My main problem for my story is how to state those key events w/o mentioning the strong subplots that shaped/fueled my MC w/o those key events seeming out of context. I dunno. I guess I better put on my big-girl pants and just get it done. 

It took a lot of 2 c's (candy and cursing) to get through what I managed to write last night. I might just treat my synopsis like the evil troll it is and leave it in the corner for a few days.   

Thanks, everyone, for joining my misery.   :) 

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