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Author Topic: The Weaver of Songs (fantasy)  (Read 5138 times)
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« on: January 09, 2016, 07:18:39 PM »

Hey everyone!

I wanted to put up a synopsis/summary of my recently rewritten book, The Coming of Yervon (now entitled The Weaver of Songs).  By all means, do lay into what I have here and give me plenty of criticism.  I want this to be the best it can be for when I put it up on wattpad. Grin


   Jonathan has always considered himself a simple person.  He’s kept to himself and let the Four Kingdoms around him do as they will, weaving webs of deceit and danger about one another.  Being an orphan, there was always little that the world could do to Jonathan, and little that he could manage to do to the world in turn.  Aside from dealings with his two fellow orphans at the dormitory, and from occasional discourses with his guardian and protector, King Kyren of Lymora, he has been left largely alone in the world.
   But, beneath the dealings of the world that the common eye could see, other forces are at work.  The Corantir and Evil, creator and destroyer, enemies since the dawn of time, have waged a war across galaxies and worlds, and in each world Evil has snuffed out the perfection of the Corantir’s creation until the entire universe was stained with his taint.  Finally, the Corantir was forced to fight back, waging a war until both he and Evil wearied of it, and until the Four Kingdoms became the final battlefield.  And with the coming battle, the game pieces have begun to settle into place.
   Yet the war is far from over—indeed, it has yet to begin.  For Jonathan, a simple orphan in Lymora, the war will be life-changing, pulling him into dealings with magic, monsters, and the mysterious Guardians.  With the setting of the game, legends of old will soon come to pass, and before long the fate of Evil, the Corantir, and the Four Kingdoms will all be tied to Jonathan in a wild tapestry that he can only begin to fathom.


Have at it guys!  Would you read the book based off of that?

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