Author Topic: Seeking Beta Reader - Romantic Suspense (84K)  (Read 4123 times)

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Seeking Beta Reader - Romantic Suspense (84K)
« on: March 09, 2016, 11:57:25 AM »
Romantic Suspense / Thriller

Looking for a beta reader to offer feedback on a full-length romantic suspense novel.
Story is about 50/50 on the romance/suspense line.
I have queried this one and gotten some interest, but mixed responses. Recent feedback has led me to believe a bit of a rewrite is in order.

Willing to trade!
Open to adult - straight up suspense/thriller, or romantic suspense/thriller, psychological horror, and crime fiction. Also some sci-fi and fantasy. Other genres depend on the story!

I'm looking for reader feedback - does the story grab you? Do the characters work? What does work, what doesn't? Is there anything that jars you from the story? That type of feedback.
The novel is complete and has gone through an edit (yes, I'm sure it could use another one - they always can). I am not looking for a line-by-line analysis, or grammar review.

Feedback I offer - I am happy to provide a similar level of feedback, or rough mechanicals/grammar. I don't do line-by-line suggestions.

I don't need beta reader thoughts sugar coated to the point of being syrupy sweet, but tact is appreciated.
Give it to me straight, sincere, and polite.

I'll do the same.

Things you need to know:
The story does include some degree of violence, there is consensual sex (more steamy than pornographic), and the plot revolves around a serial rapist.

About me:
I'm a former magazine and newspaper editor and writer with over 20 years in that end of the publishing business. I have three published works of fiction - a horror novella, a romantic thriller, and a dystopian sci-fi - all with small, indie publishing houses - and have ghost written several others. I currently write erotica and I'm working on another dystopian sci-fi novel while putting the final tweaks on this piece.

Thanks in advance! Please send me a note, or comment here for more information.
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