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Author Topic: Green Haze Synopsis  (Read 1500 times)

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« on: December 10, 2016, 07:29:52 AM »

My query describes this as a "humorous action/adventure."
In Tempe, Arizona, 23-year-old JAKE LICH comes to consciousness on a Saturday evening slowly, out of a white fog. Just as he starts to understand that he is being placed into an ambulance, his mind grays out.
Jake wakes up in a hospital room alone, frustrated and wondering what happened. DR. LAUREN tells him that he has been in a coma for four weeks but says little more, per police orders.
Detectives KRAKOWSKI and SCHIMM (aka Sausage and Ham Hock) arrive to take Jake's statement but are openly skeptical of Jake's claim of amnesia. This, combined with his mounting frustration, invokes Jake's scathing sarcasm. Eventually, they leave without bothering to tell him what happened.
Jake's best friend BARRY CRUZ visits and fills Jake in. After smoking some ELF MAGIC pot that day, Jake and Barry had heard a suspicious noise from downstairs. Demonstrating extraordinary physical abilities and a blatant lack of fear, Jake had confronted and subdued a pair of armed intruders who had been threatening the life of Barry's sister, NADINE CRUZ.
After Barry leaves, Nadine visits to thank her hero. The subtle scent of future romance is evident.
Dr. Lauren reports that Jake's brain had been using his judgment to act involuntarily in ways that are normally governed by voluntary actions. Jake secretly wonders if Elf Magic was the cause.
Jake discovers that his deceased parents had participated in a clinical trial called Elven M, conducted by Jake's employer, CHEMCORP. He infers possible connections to Elf Magic and his abilities.
Barry visits again, informing Jake that his story has captured the hearts of the masses, provoking national news coverage of his impending release. They formulate a plan to use this to Jake's advantage.
At Jake's televised release from the hospital, he surprises the gathered crowd by vowing to fight for the innocent and to bring to justice those who the police can not or will not apprehend.
Jake sets up headquarters with his friends in a posh hotel. He discloses to them that he has been hiding a large sum of money that he had inherited from his grandmother years ago. She had stipulated that it must be used to benefit humanity. He also explains his theory about the relationship between Elf Magic, Elven M and his superhero-like performance a month ago. Jake wants to test this, which sparks a heated debate. Nadine, in particular, voices her strong opposition. The next day they vote on Jake's proposal. Breaking the tie, Nadine flips, conceding that it would be better to find out sooner, in a controlled setting, than later, inadvertently. Jake takes a small hit and demonstrates some amazing physical abilities with unsubstantial adverse effects.
The next day, Jake visits ChemCorp and fends off suspicious pressure from his boss, OSCAR, to immediately return to work. Moments later, he sneaks back in to steal files related to Elven M. They reveal that the company has been deceiving test volunteers for decades in its search for a formula that would enhance the subject's brain activity. Taking down ChemCorp becomes Jake's first priority.
In the waiting room at the hospital during Jake's follow-up visit, Nadine is abducted by Sausage and Ham Hock. A high-speed chase through downtown Phoenix ensues, but Jake loses them.
With a combination of amateur detective work and lucky breaks, Jake's team tracks the detectives to ChemCorp's storage facility. While searching the building, Jake is caught and shackled. Outside, his friends manage to infuse the building with Elf Magic smoke, awakening Jake's abilities. Jake frees himself, incapacitates the detectives and liberates a giggling Nadine.
A few days later, Oscar crashes a birthday party that Jake's group is attending. It becomes evident that he is the mastermind behind Elven M. Clearly psychotic at this point, he sees Jake as both the culmination of his life's work and the vehicle of its demise. He attacks Jake in a fit of rage but is eventually subdued and taken into custody.
Jake's new humanitarian foundation begins to take the next step: to create a website for the public to submit complaints that Jake may be able to rectify. Officially together now, Nadine and Jake take their relationship to the next level and decide to try out his “Elf Magic” powers in the bedroom.
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Picture of Me and one of the Twins (Chloe)

« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2016, 10:10:16 PM »

So you book falls somewhere between Pineapple express and American Ultra.  i don't have a lot ot say about thei synopsis (synopsis writing is not my forte) but I think the money from the grandma needs to be explained a little more.

The way it reads now it's very contrived in the way it's put foreward and In the back of my mind I can see how this can play in a comedic way and fit in with the overall tone of the book, but the way it's presented here it just seems super convinient.

truly when i read this I see it as more of a movie than a book, but either way it seems like it would be a fun ride.

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