Author Topic: Do your find that critiquing someone else's query helps in writing your own?  (Read 2814 times)


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I have found that to be the case.
Sometimes I am then more able to see a similar weakness in my own. Or I might be inspired by the way someone very deftly managed to get the summary part done.

It is often more apparent, though, that some information can simply be cut out of someone else's query, while I still have trouble seeing what information could simply be left out of my own.

There are two things I can usually help with (assuming that all necessary info is actually present):

1) Seeing where the order of the presentation could be re-structured in a way that makes the story flow more coherently.

2) Seeing where there is too much wheel-spinning and redundancy of ideas, sentiments, or information. Sometimes addressing that can be done by a combination of cuts and re-arranging.

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I agree. It is so desperately hard to be objective with one's own work, especially after agonizing over it for a prolonged period. By editing the work of others, I found it somehow "re-sets" my ability to look at my own work more objectively.
I know it sounds weird, but that's how it works for me.

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I have found that critiquing other people's queries have defintiely help me come up with the formula I use to write queries now.  Correcting and streamlining things just help you know what to write better, in a general sense, but when it comes down to actually writing it i generally suffer from "forest for the trees" mentality.  I'm so far inside the story or my characters head I don't end up sharing things that the reader needs to know to uderstand the book, which is why everyone here at Querytracker if freaking awesome.
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NOticing what other people are missing in their queries has helped me. But strangely, critiquing fifteen to twenty query letters while I had a fever was the turning point for me, when I actually felt like I knew what I was doing. It probably says something about the "genre" of query letters that I found it easier to work on them while slightly delirious.  ;D

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I'm super new to this, but feel it would be very helpful in my own writing to critique other people's.  The problem is, I'm doing PB's and it seems like there aren't many PB writers on these forums that are posting.  I definitely don't feel 'good' enough yet to critique novels, but do enjoy reading what others have said and find that even that is helpful. 

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Of course! That's one reason I hang around here.

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Critiquing other queries has definitely helped me too. With so many examples, it's great way to see what works and what doesn't. And keeping the proper formula in mind keeps me ready to write that next query of my own...someday.