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Author Topic: In the Shadow of Lies (YA fantasy + Sci-Fi) (Will return the favor)  (Read 748 times)
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« on: January 08, 2017, 04:16:41 AM »

Adding the query because agents will have seen it before reading the synopsis:

Marla’s life on Earth is a lie, a product of a mind prison. A year ago, a failed mission led to her capture. She was placed in a mind prison, her mind sent to Earth and trapped there, while her body suffered experimentation in home world Ilah. She’s complacent in her life on Earth, until one day the illusion shatters -- her friends on Ilah have finally freed her.

With the aid of her friends, Marla flees home to Somret, hidden city and safehouse against Arrental, the country responsible for her imprisonment. She doesn’t know where she belongs: Earth is fresh in her mind, whereas her memories of Ilah’s metal forests and lightning-fueled cities are gone. Fighting her way back into Somret’s military might help, but being reinstated doesn’t equal being accepted. Accusations trail her, for she is the lone survivor of that failed mission. Spy from the government. Traitor to Somret. Murderer of her teammate.

Worse, the mind prison gave her the power to cross to other worlds and enter people’s minds. This makes her a potential weapon -- someone to be feared and manipulated. She should conceal this power, even suppress it. But this is her way back to Earth. Resolving unfinished business there is the only way to leave Earth’s life behind.

A botched supply run and a messenger with a dagger in her chest lead Marla to the truth of that fateful ‘mission’ a year ago. She no longer knows who the enemy is: Arrental, Somret, or herself. If she leaves, the only person capable of freeing Arrental from the usurper on its throne dies. Staying means risking her freedom, her friends, and her life.

IN THE SHADOW OF LIES is a 160k YA fantasy and science fiction novel with series potential. It will appeal to fans of Rick Yancey’s THE 5TH WAVE and Victoria Aveyard’s RED QUEEN.


There are thousands of worlds, and Ilah is one of them. Somret is a hidden city and safehouse against the forces of Arrental, the largest country on Ilah. The duty of those in Somret is to smuggle people wishing to escape Arrental over the border.

Marla was captured on a mission for Somret. Her body was kept in an Arrenth lab while her mind was sent to Earth, so the Arrenth government could conduct neural decoding of her brain and learn the secrets of Somret. A year later, Marla’s friends locate her and bring her mind back into her own body.

With the help of her friends, Marla escapes Arrental and returns to Somret. She begins training to regain her position in Somret’s military. One day, Marla is accused of killing her sole teammate on that failed mission. A sparring session and a blow to her head lands her in the medic center for a night.

That night, Marla’s friend, Temmol, reveals his father’s illness: the ex-Councillor is mostly comatose and only has occasional lucid periods. Marla is also told she’s a Dreamer, someone who can travel to different worlds and enter the minds of others.

Thereafter, Marla trains by day and crosses to different worlds at night, aided by a mentor. More accusations and the discovery of a strange autopsy file lead Marla to suspect the truth is being concealed from her.

Eventually she learns the truth: there was no mission. Marla was captured on the orders of the Council, her body locked in a box in Somret while her mind was sent to Earth, to keep others safe from her. A spy sold information to the King later on. The King, interested in her power, had her snatched and taken to a lab in Arrental.

Marla’s team is sent on a routine mission. It turns into a race to save the once-Queen of Arrental: the only person who can dethrone the King of Arrental. However, the rescued Queen is killed by a betrayer on the team.

A plot is revealed: the death of a foreign ambassador will pave the way for Arrental’s conquerance of his country. Marla discovers her powers enable her to disguise herself as anyone she wants. She and her team attempt to rescue the ambassador.

It’s a trap laid by the King of Arrental. A Dreamer who can possess others’ minds, he possessed Temmol’s ill father and coerced one of Marla’s friends into bringing him Marla. The traitor dies, while another friend is revealed as the King’s long lost son.

Before Marla is forced back to Earth, the King tells her his body is but a vessel for the mind of a long lost Dreamer -- a figure from Arrenth legends returned to claim what was denied him a thousand years ago.
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