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Author Topic: Synopsis: The Ring bearer of Tor  (Read 3892 times)

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« on: May 26, 2017, 01:46:53 PM »

Synopsis: The Ring bearer of Tor (I may need to change the title- any suggestions will be welcomed)

Five thousand years ago, mankind almost destroyed the world we know. During its rebirth, the new world order adopts the feudal system of government and the age of chivalry begins anew. As a seer prophesies, the Earle of Greystone will sire a child destined to change the world. Little does the old Earle know that child will be a daughter he never wanted.

Six-year-old KIRA ALEXI of Greystone, is rendered mute by her deranged brother, is forced from her home by a brutal father, and bound to a slave market thousands of leagues from her homeland is that Chosen One. Born into a misogynic world where female are chattel the tenacious girl disguised herself as a boy to stay alive, fearful she will have no future.

Two infamous warlords purchase her to fight in an Olympic style contest to satisfy their strange wager.  Selected at random they force the tiny child to learn the ways of the warrior, the absolute acceptance of death. Igniting a daring hope, she will somehow win her freedom as a knight’s squire.

Alexi’s new master proved cruel and demanding. Fearing he will put her to death or brand her a harlot, it left her with no choice but continue posing a boy. She learns to bury her emotions and serve without question yet her stubborn streak quickly emerges and suffers under the lash.
Unloved and alone Alexi learnt the skills needed to fight in the tournament knowing her only hope for freedom is to attract the eye of knight seeking a worthy squire. Through her determination and bullheadedness, she finds a way to survive.

Her constant silence left her exposed to hardship until visiting monk teaches her the Benicia fingering gestures to communicate. However, her entry into womanhood soon complicates her life. She must now trust FATHER BISHOP with her secret in the hope he can help hide the fact she is growing into a woman sooner than she would like. 

Her confessor discovers evidence of a magic ring that can help his young charge hide her gender. It is written, the legendary Ring of Tor grants its bearer the combine strength of ten men, the power to transform inanimate objects into whatever is required, plus the capability to communicate with animals. If the Guardians that protect the Ring deem her worthy, it was hers for the taking unaware they bound her to a dangerous quest.
Now endowed with magical powers it enables her on to win the championship and the eye of her new master, LORD OLIVER DEXTER of FRAMPTON HALL.

Dexter comes to claim his new squire knowing only that his young squire is mute. They journey to a tournament in the city of Goldenvale, Where Lord Dexter enters the lists, but his little charge finds more trouble waiting her.

Lured from camp by the pull of the ring, Alexi discovers a cube hidden in the knot of a twisted oak. Her adversary captures her and batters her senseless. Her unconscious mind drifts into the ethereal world in which she meets BELOIN, the guardian residing in her ring and learns she is on a quest to gather the essence of the ancient Guardians hidden in boxes covered in ancient runes. Yet she need time to mature and train, for when the ring fused to her finger, it awakened an evil known as the LORD OF SHADOWS. This evil entity will stop at nothing to thwart her efforts from completing her quest to restore the Guardians of Lemoore to power.

Secure in the present as Dexter’s squire, Alexi must learn all she can from him and his men to grow into a righteous man and fulfill her destiny.
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« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2017, 04:44:10 PM »

I like the story of the unwanted daughter who was rendered mute. That sounds intriguing. The hole ring part reminds of Lord Of The Rings, lol. Is Dexter important in the story? Maybe add some more about him. The information between introducing her and getting to the part of her confessor seems unimportant to the whole. Well not unimportant but maybe not needing as many details. I may be wrong but it might be better to cut those two paragraphs into one. You probably meant trouble awaiting her not waiting her. Also, in the last sentence did you mean to say that she would need to become a righteous man? I am by no means an expert but I hope this helps. As for the name the only thing that came to mind was Alexi's Quest. I know, I'm not very good with titles.
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