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New Adult Critique Partners
« on: August 28, 2017, 06:39:21 PM »
I'm looking for critique partners for my New Adult romance to exchange chapters and feedback with. Mostly hoping for someone to be honest but nice about what's working and what isn't and someone to chat with. It is more mature so also looking for someone over 18 and okay with stronger language and sexual scenes. I'm open to reading other genres as well.

Story summary:

Tru Carlin is dependable and loyal to a fault even if it means her wants and needs are dormant. When she’s betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend, she flees to her parent’s rental property with the only friend she has left. She’s left hurt and confused, but moving on with someone who is utterly perfect for her comes way too soon. How will they find their way when breaking up in a small town means facing her past around every corner? How can she hold on to her new relationship when she starts mending the ties she thought were broken?