Author Topic: If you had to guess: what % of querying writers are using Query Tracker?  (Read 2821 times)

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I guess this is mostly fun & games, since there's no way to know this for sure. But based on your own anecdotal evidence, any guesses on what % of actively-querying writers are using QT to record their progress? As I review data for certain agents, I often wonder whether QT is showing me about 10% of an agent's total volume, or 25%, or more.

Which basically brings us to the question, how well known & used is QT by writers?

If I had to wager a guess, I'd say in the range of 30%-ish? I.e. for every query reported on QT, there are two more out there we'll never know about.

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Re: If you had to guess: what % of querying writers are using Query Tracker?
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I wish I knew. In the past I tried to figure out how many authors there might be in the US and how many were at the query stage. But they were nothing but guesses.

Your estimate of 30% may be close. But again, I'm only guessing.

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More like 10%. I'm basing that particularly off Kelly Van Sant's stats--she posts monthly query stats on her blog, so you can compare them to QT numbers. Would guess that % varies, but will be highest for younger agents whose younger queriers tend to be more online.

But QT users have a much higher request rate. 2x higher on average in my estimate, maybe 3x for some agents.