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Your membership level in the forums is based on the number of posts you have made:

Newbies are members who have less than 25 posts
Jr. Members have 25 or more posts
Full Members have 50 or more posts
Sr. Members have 100 or more posts
Hero Members have 200 or more posts

Once you have acheived Jr. Member status you are allowed to select an avatar from our generic avatar list.

Once you have achieved Full Member status, you may upload your own custom avatar to use.

 :clap: YAY! I'm somebody now! Although I don't have much reason to post other than I wanted to tell Patrick that picking out an Avatar takes serious thought and serious time. Wow. What a selection. I commend you (and myself for posting this often... most of my posts haven't been this frivolous. But it's late. And I'm just showing off my smart monkey look!)


It is never a frivolous post when you say something nice.  My mother used to say that.  :)

Congratulations on the avatar, he looks so very wise  ;)

Nice, Diowe!  :up:

Hi  :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks for posting this information. I was wondering what it took to advance upward. This web site is great!!
I've gotten a lot of help.

Karma for all you do.

AnneJ  :hooray: :hooray: :hooray:


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