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Re: The Yo Yo Cafe
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;D This reminds me... when I was 12ish, my grandma asked me what sort of soda I wanted.. my answer was Mountain Dew. For the entire trip to the grocery store, she explained what a homemade distillery was, and demanded that I tell her who had given me Mountain Dew in the past, and where, and was I by myself, etc.. I remember being so afraid that the stupid little town wasn't stocking it, (why else wouldn't she know?) but when I had proof that I wasn't lying about my sources (Mountain Dew bottles on the soda shelf, YEAH!!), she couldn't believe a company would use such a name and wouldn't buy it.


oh, that's a fun story!

since i had no idea it was a euphemism, i'm guessing it was dreamt up by some guy on madison avenue!

Yeah, that's why there used to be hillbillies on the cans.

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Re: The Yo Yo Cafe
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Would I joke about something like that?

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Re: The Yo Yo Cafe
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Why yes, I think you would actually  :wink:
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