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Stop the Raven Synopsis Review
« on: April 08, 2019, 11:25:42 AM »
     Hey I'm was curious if I could get some feedback on the most recent synopsis for my story. It is a 70,000 word A fantasy with magical realism. Thanks in advance for any help that you offer.

 Olivia Colt is a twenty-two year old who was supposed to pass away on the operating table during a kidney transplant to save her mother but was given a new life as a reaper. After a year of dodging her family as a means to follow Death's only rule of no attachment, she returns home to grieve for her mother's passing and help her family settle into some kind of new normal.

When other reapers appear to remind her of other responsibilities, Olivia pleads with them to give her more time at home. Until Jamison, death himself, forces her into an ultimatum to either return or sacrifice anothers life to remain with her family. With the death of her mother still fresh and the threat of losing the family bookstore, she believes she can live with the guilt of sacrificing Travis, a guy she's recently started dating to live out his remaining years with her family.

Her brother convinces her that she needs to say her farewells to Travis before he passes in the hospital and on their way there they are in a car crash that sends them flipping over the side of the road and she discovers the other driver is in fact Travis, alive and well. Before she can get any answers he is whisked away by Jamison, leaving her confused and without help for her unconscious brother.

During her brother's funeral Caius, her mentor appears, and she confronts him about Travis's return and her brothers sudden death. He agrees that both happening at once is odd and agrees to assist her in finding out if her brother's unexpected death was a fluke of her agreement with Jamison or Travis's way of getting back at her for his own demise.

It soon becomes apparent that Jamison is giving Travis something that not only amplifies his new abilities as a reaper but his emotions as well and Olivia finds herself needing to push her own abilities to stop Travis from seeking his revenge on the rest of her family. To do so, she works with Caius and  others to practice some of the skills that she's neglected since returning to her  family.
While on a routine reaping as part of her continued training Jamison appears, admitting that Travis has gotten out of control and informs them that it is Olivia's responsibility to clean up the mess, seeing as  Travis's death is on her hands.

With Jamison threatening dire punishment for not handling Travis soon, he informs them that Travis has already taken another of Olivia's family.

After some searching, they find her aunt at an acquaintance's house who is sympathetic to Travis's cause. During the fight to save Olivia's aunt, Travis manages to take Caius and the Fate Sisters hostage.

With her aunt safe at home, Olivia must admit to her aunt that she's no longer human and tell her the wrong she's done. It's here that her aunt mentions Olivia's not the only fool in the family that's made deal with Death and agrees to help take down Travis, who is now hiding Caius and the Fates somewhere in the desert. Olivia and the others manage to locate them with a means to get them both back only to have the plan backfire and they lose one of their own.

With both sides having lost people, Olivia tries to finish Travis on her own but finds the guilt of killing him once before keeps her  from killing him again. In response Travis continues causing mayhem in Orchid, Texas using the new reborn fates sister's abilities.

When it's obvious that Travis won't stop his vengeful killing spree, Olivia and the rest come up with another plan of action to stop him. With her aunt's help, they manage to trap Travis in their bookstore to reason with him only for the plan to turn sour with the arrival of the reborn fates and Olivia finds herself trapped by Travis. Travis promises an eternity pain for all that he's lost and Olivia makes a last ditch effort to kill Travis by starting a fire in her family's bookstore and barely manages to escape the flames.

 Travis gets trapped in the flames, eliminating any threat from him, and Olivia agrees that no one else should die unnecessarily and goes back to reaping as long as her aunt remains with her and fully aware of what she is.