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LEATHER AND EMERALD (YA/Crossover Fantasy)
« on: May 13, 2019, 11:54:30 AM »
Hi everyone, this is my most recent synopsis attempt. I'm at 680 words, so a little long, but maybe close enough? I'd appreciate any feedback!


There have always been three races in Callana--humans, Solaisear, and Donaisear. Almost all the Fae have disappeared, however. The Donaisear, who once used their skills with poisons to ease the dying from the world and could shift into vultures, disappeared before living memory, but the Solaisear, healers by nature and able to shift into ravens, only disappeared after the massacre ordered by the tyrannical human king. The survivors, mostly carrying only a little Fae blood, live in the secret mountain village of Cor Gowell.

Six-year-old EILIS escaped the massacre by shifting into a raven--something she has never done again--and fleeing. She has not left Cor Gowell since. Now grown, she yearns for freedom, often breaking rules and sneaking out. With rumors flying of dying earth and famine in Callana, she learns to control her shifting so she can seek information as a raven. After an ancient song suggests her Fae ancestors lie waiting in a bog for a time of need, she can’t stay away. When CIARÁN, a leathery, emaciated Solaisear man with emerald eyes, emerges from the peat, she knows he can help her find a way to bring her people out of hiding.

GRAEME, the crown prince of Callana, left his brutal father’s court to attend university as soon as he could. He longs for the day when he can improve his subject’s lives, but fear and insecurity hold him back. When a Fae man approaches him, not knowing he’s the prince, for help with a plan to assassinate the king, he makes the decision to stand up to his father.

The attempt to poison the king goes wrong, however, when Graeme discovers his father has already died and his body is possessed by someone with red eyes and a woman’s voice. He and his friends flee to the forest, escaping ambush along the way.

In the forest, Graeme and Eilis meet and join forces to save the kingdom from the unnatural death creeping through the land. During their encounters with this blight, they realize that Ciarán is sustained by energy from the earth--he cannot cross the dead areas without becoming ill. When they are captured by Donaisear warriors, they learn that not only are the Donaisear still living, but an immortal queen rules over them. They also discover that a resistance group is working throughout Callana and the neighboring kingdoms to restore the once-friendly relationships between the races. They escape, though one of their group does not survive, sure this queen is behind the king’s death and the dying earth. They are convinced she is stealing the energy of the earth to sustain her unnatural life in her quest to avenge the treatment of her people at the hands of both the Solaisear and the humans.

The resistance sends an assassin after them--not to kill them, but to help them. He takes two of their group back to the capital to find out if the Donaisear queen is still there while Eilis, Graeme, and Ciarán make their way to the bogs in search of the other ancient Solaisear sacrifices who still sleep there. On the way, the Graeme and Eilis discover they’ve developed feelings for each other. Neither of them has much romantic experience--or even previous interest--and they aren’t sure how to handle these feelings.

With four additional ancient Solaisear to help them, Eilis and Graeme return to the capital to confront the queen. Shortly after they arrive she begins her final assault, releasing the energy she has stolen to send monstrous plants through the city, destroying everything in their path. As Graeme fights his way across the city, certain he has been betrayed, the Fae are able to capture the queen’s energy and send it back to the earth, leaving her to crumble to dust.

When Graeme finally arrives at the castle, he discovers his dearest friend betrayed him, but the battle has been won and he can assume the throne. With Eilis at his side, they plan to bring the races together and create a brand new future for Callana--one without a monarchy at all.