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THE CERATOPSIAN -- YA low fantasy
« on: August 08, 2019, 12:40:30 PM »
Some of you may have read the query and first 5 pages.  Here is the synopsis.  All comments - positive and negative - are welcome.

     Fourteen-year-old TIM BISHOP’s summer situation is bleak. He is to spend the summer months at his uncle’s Wyoming ranch―a destination as welcome as a toxic waste dump. However, he discovers his relatives are not the deadly dull rubes he envisioned. His three cousins are wicked cool, AUNT EMILY is stunning, and UNCLE VIRGIL, a brilliant biologist, is breeding enormous hybrid birds dubbed ‘emtriches.’
     Soon after his arrival, one of these hybrids lays an enormous egg Uncle Virgil has not seen before. To everyone’s astonishment it hatches into an infant triceratops, whom they christen ARCHIBALD. Mindful of these ancient creatures’ portrayal as savage, predatory beasts, Tim and his companions resolve to raise him in secret, away from the world’s eyes.
     The plan fails when they become remiss. The media paint Archie as a grave menace that must be secured and destroyed. Other voices and interests add to the drumbeat until there is an almost unanimous nationwide outcry for his destruction.

     Tim and his family find hope when a remarkable assemblage of individuals arrives to lend their assistance. Led by DR. WESLEY MORNINGSTAR, a professor of paleontology, and MILES GUILFORD, a reporter, the group devises an ingenious plan that humbles the media and reverses Archie’s dismal reputation.

     The voices of malice have been muted—for a short time. Archie grows and matures at an unprecedented rate, exhibiting behavior that astounds his companions. He rescues them from a marauding motorcycle gang, foils a gang of ruffians, and delivers them from a deadly prairie storm. In an act of unparalleled valor he saves them from certain death by interposing himself between them and a maddened bull bison. From that moment Archie is no longer merely a pet, but is a family member. Led by Tim, the youths swear a solemn oath to be his protector, as apparently he is theirs.

     Anti-Archie forces, meanwhile, have regrouped and devised new and more diabolical plans to bring about his eradication.  Even the federal government enters the fray, intending to confiscate the dino for study and dissection.  And…all of these schemes are targeted to come to fruition at a most inconvenient time—on the occasion of the town’s sesquicentennial anniversary celebration.
     The eventful day arrives; the festival is in progress. The revelry is disrupted by waves of zealots hell-bent on rounding up Archie and carting him away to be slaughtered. But to the townspeople Archie is a friend, and they rally to his defense. The looming confrontation is squelched by a dire emergency. A town building is in flames with a child trapped within. Friend and foe alike team up to affect a rescue, but are thwarted. The structure appears to have been deliberately barricaded. With just moments remaining before the building and its occupant are consumed, Tim, astride Archie, bursts into the inferno and rescues the child.

     Tim, Archie and his cousins are heroes. All misgivings concerning the dino are put aside in homage to his courage and prowess. He is declared the town’s mascot, and Bonnerville, Wyoming, is designated the ‘Dinosaur Capital of the World.’

     Summer transitions into fall. It is time for Tim to return home, but he discovers his heart has been captured by Wyoming, and is unenthusiastic about returning to his Jersey home. Reluctantly, he is driven to the airport. When his cousins return to the ranch, they find another enormous egg awaiting them.