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Difficullty with forum registration process


Mentha piperita:
I obviously found a way to register, but I'm curious whether anyone can tell me what was going on.
For the last few weeks I've been trying to register. I tried two times, but never got an email back. This time it worked and I got the email after an hour or so. I used a different email address (I tried using gmail before) and a different name (would using the same name I used to register for the main part of query tracker cause some kind of bug?).

Anyone know what was going on?


It's not you, Mentha. The forum anti-spam filter is set very tight and sometimes goes too far.

Mentha piperita:
Thanks, Patrick.
So, if someone reading this were to encounter the same problem you'd recommend trying a different email address to register with? Maybe Gmail is a problem specifically? I ask (for the record) because I tried searching the forums and didn't see this problem coming up. ;) Maybe I just couldn't find it though.

If anyone else has trouble registering, please go to the main QueryTracker site and use the "Contact Us" form to let me know.


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