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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for critique partners for my military fiction novel, Occupational Hazard, complete at approximately 94,500 words.
This is more or less the query letter I send to agents a couple of months ago :

Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Operation Enduring Freedom. Lieutenant Charlie Fournier is finally given the chance to achieve something significant. She is deployed in a US outpost with a difficult mission: prepare the arrival of a French detachment on the compound and find out, without anyone noticing, what the US military plots with its attack drones so close to the Pakistani border. She is young, French, female, and inexperienced. She doesn’t suspect the nature of the threats she faces and soon interferes in situation beyond her control. She is alone and an outsider, which is bad, but soon she becomes a target, which is worse.

“Occupational Hazard” gives life to a tenacious female character, exposed to the military life in one of the most secret place of Afghanistan. This novel brings to light the life of deployed female soldiers, especially how they deal with their responsibilities or develop friendships in spite of the omnipresence of sexual violence at their workplace.

I received a couple of rejection letters which were kind but unhelpful nonetheless. I also send the full version of the novel in French (I wrote it in both languages) to French publishing houses and some of their answers confused me a little. One of them appreciated the level of documentation of my novel while the other applauded that a military fiction novel finally had a female lead. Yet none of them would publish my work.

I am seriously considering self-publishing but I'm cautious since a bad start could ruin everything.
If you are interested in helping me understand what might be "wrong" with my work, I would be more than thankful.

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I won't ever give up on them. Their lives, their stories....they are real to me.

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Hi there.

I too am looking for a CP and would be more than happy to  give your work a thorough and honest review if you would do the same for me.

Of course that is dependant on you being comfortable with my work. I'll summarise below:

The Heart That Died is a noir tinged speculative fiction novel complete at 77k words. Private Eye, Charlie Durant is having one hell of a time. There's a damsel in distress, a string of murders to investigate, the promise of new love and the ghost of old memories. Life in St Germain is tough, especially when you're dead.

Get back to me if you'd like to proceed.
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