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SYNOPSIS Amaranthine Historica YA Cyberpunk
« on: September 03, 2019, 05:33:32 AM »
Hello forum members, I am posting the synopsis of my self-published book. This is the synopsis that currently appears in descriptions of my podcasts regarding Amaranthine Historica. I am looking for a traditional publisher. I look forward to your feedback. Thanking you in advance, Katya.

According to the ‘Official Amaranthine History', the Day of Destruction—known as 'D-Day'—flips the Amaranthine Calendar to 'Year 0' with a survival tally of 340 born humans, a batch-ready-to-hatch of 1000 incubating human embryos, 800 incubating mutants, and a 2000-strong cluster of transhuman robots. However, truth seekers must examine all sources, and the real source of Reality is in O. Lemniscate's verboten magnum opus; that is to say, in 'Amaranthine Historica'.
'Amaranthine Historica' recounts the tragedy of the ancient multi-ringed canal city-state named after the unfading amaranth flower. Before D-Day, the city trembles in troubled waters—somewhere between the febrile ‘Gateway-to-Hell’ volcano and the ‘Gateway-to-Hell’ nuclear base. After D-Day, Amarantis is a floating graveyard, locked inside itself by its Membrane Dome and O-Gates! Almost all Life—Real and Artificial—is tinkered and reconfigured. Apart from Nobel Laureate W. Olfus and his lackeys, most Amarants are chained to the destiny of lab monkeys.
O. Lemniscate’s narrative is based on O. Lemniscate’s personal observations and various witness accounts. Primary witnesses? Two 'dusty' cousins—Pharaona and Astellaria. Pharaona (aka Ra) is a cranky 'She-Prometheus' made from the dust of the Great Egyptian Sphinx. Astellaria (aka Aria) is a sassy twinkler made from the dust of a shattered star. This dusty duo weaves History swimmingly, in and out of the 'Dreamtime Aquarium'—an ultra-dimensional dive that harbours all-time greats, such as Epicurus and Charlie Chaplin.
The story starts with Pharaona terrorising tourists in the Great Desert and rollicking her cynical dust across magnificent sand dunes. Life seems 'divine' until the unexpected arrival of the bold and brassy Astellaria who—literally—falls out of the sky. Pharaona begrudgingly extends her hospitality to the gatecrashing cousin and even agrees to take her on a whirling worldwide tour, on condition that they avoid Amarantis.
They ride on a wind and a prayer, but due to Astellaria's impudence—and imprudence—the grisly Mistral thrusts them into the forbidden city. Immediately, the Amaranthine surveillance system wails the Red Alert and the cousins are splattered all over the Amaranthine 'Wanted' posters. In a panicked get-away, Pharaona and Astellaria disintegrate into diaphanous dust, only to be vacuumed up during a Treasure Hunt.
Harnessing Emerald Science, the dusty duo manages to find a paltry escape route, which, alas, ends at the Amaranthine O-Gates. Cul-de-sac, they're stuck! The only way to their own freedom is to guide Amarants to theirs. Not an easy task! For one thing, Amarants are hopelessly enslaved by lies and misconceptions! And for another, Pharaona is constrained by 'The Soothsayers Code of Conduct', whilst Astellaria is pretty much clueless.
The end is a real twister, with breath-taking revelations about seemingly inconspicuous characters and events. The explosion wasn't the explosion we thought it was, the destruction wasn't the destruction we thought it was, the tyrant turns out to be many tyrants and the hero turns out to be many heroes. Truth and lies become unglued and we discover that the most important Truth in life is, that there can be no happiness without freedom and no freedom without courage. We also discover the mindblowing nitty-gritty about O. Lemniscate.