Author Topic: Into Eternity pitch for #pitmad  (Read 511 times)

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Into Eternity pitch for #pitmad
« on: December 03, 2019, 02:00:02 PM »
If you aren't familiar with it, PitMad is a kind of "free for all" on twitter where you get to advertise your manuscript and agents will request it if they like it. I don't have a twitter account but I might create one just to participate in this. I haven't queried this at all yet, so is starting with #pitmad a bad idea? Would it count against me in the future if I decide to directly query agents?

Eva knows she needs to leave her increasingly abusive programmer boyfriend. But if she does, she’ll lose her chance for her consciousness to be transferred from a crumbling society to a virtual heaven. #PitMad #A

Also it has to be under 280 characters. This is 206 characters right now so I have room for some more but don't know what to put.

(if you're interested, my query letter is here providing more background -


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Re: Into Eternity pitch for #pitmad
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2019, 03:58:30 PM »
Gonna answer your questions first.

I started querying with September's PitMad and still cold-queried agents that hadn't liked my pitch. It will never count against you.

I think it's absolutely worth it to try PitMad--I have, six or seven times over the past five years--but note that the feed gets crowded and there's a chance you won't be seen at all. It's frustrating, and happened to me all but this September's event. If you do get likes, be sure to do your research before querying, as the feed isn't monitored for who's participating, and just having "agent" in your profile name doesn't mean they're someone you want to submit to. If small presses like the pitch, be sure to only send if a small press is the route you want to take for your book. It's discouraged to query agents and presses simultaneously, even from something like a pitch contest.

Now for notes on your pitch itself. I have some questions. Mainly, you have #A for a tag, but is it sci-fi? The stakes of her consciousness being transferred seem to only make sense in the context of sci-fi, so I'd include that hashtag, too, at a minimum. However, I still want to know why she wants her consciousness transferred, what it means, why that's a good option for staying with her abusive boyfriend. Obviously, you can't fit all of that into 75 more characters, but a little more context goes a long way.

Another thing I've noticed is that pitches with comps tend to do better than pitches without them. So another convenient way to use the extra characters is a kind of X meets Y, which is usually worded "TITLE 1 x TITLE 2: "

I hope this is helpful!