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Short Chapter about the Apocalypse
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Part I: Getting Used to The Apocalypse in Outer Space

Chapter 1

Dead, Victoria thought. Richard is dead. Deceased. Expired. Assassinated. Departed. Never to move again.

“Victoria, I know you miss Richard, but you have to keep moving!” Abigail warned.

His corpse is just lying there with a ripped suit and a gaping hole where his abdomen should be. I can see his intestines all up close and personal.

“Ms. Knight, we have to go!” the armed soldier yelled.

His back and the left side of his face are touching the dirty floor as his blood is pooling all around him.

“Victoria, we have to move!!” Abigail reminded her.

His white face is so devoid of emotion, and his eyes aren’t even moving. They’re just staring.

“VICKY, GET UP!!” Abigail instructed.

It all happened so quickly. Running from hallway to hallway just trying to reach the spaceship, and then BAM! Lion appears and kills Richard.

Stupid lion. He deserved to be killed by the soldier. That cruel beast. How could he just—


Victoria turned around to see the soldier writhing on the floor as a lion was biting and tearing into his intestines.

“Now do you see why we should keep moving?!!” Abigail asked while pointing at the soldier.

“ROARRR!!” shouted six, more lions that were further down the hall and dashing towards Victoria and Abigail. “ROOOAAARRR!!”

Abigail’s eyes sprang open. “Uh, Prime Minister Victoria, I think we should run.”

“No duh, genius!” Victoria criticized as she got up and ran in the other direction. “RUN!!”

“Wait for me!!” Abigail yelled as she followed Victoria towards the spaceship that was a short distance away.

“ROARRR!!” shouted the lion that had mauled the soldier.

With his victim now dead, the lion diverted his attention to the two young, well-dressed ladies and began following his allies in running after them.

Victoria looked behind her. “Oh dear, they’re catching up. THEY’RE CATCHING UP!!”

“Don’t look behind you, Victoria!!” Abigail shouted. “Pay attention!!!”

Victoria turned her head back around. Remain calm. Remain calm. Remember Victoria, everything is going to be ok. Everything is going to be ok. Everything is— 


Victoria looked behind her again. The lions were swarming Abigail and dismembering her.

“Everything is not going to be ok!!” she said out loud. “Everything is not going to be ok!!! EVERYTHING IS NOT GOING TO BE OK!!!!!”

Calm down. Calm down, Victoria thought. The lions are distracted right now. Just keep running. Just keep running.
Victoria nodded her head and remained focused on her goal of reaching the spaceship. Due to the lions taking a quick break to dissect Abigail, Victoria had the opportunity to run to the crash bar doors of the underground cave that stored the spaceship.

The cave was enormous and tall; it was so tall that when Victoria entered the cave, she was standing on a cliff. Attached to the cliff was a cheap, long, wooden bridge. The bridge connected the cliff to a pillar that was adjacent to a humongous, white spaceship.

In addition to a cliff, pillar, and bridge, the cave also had a pitch black base that seemed bottomless, bright light bulbs on all its walls, and a long, ginormous tunnel that was the route for the spaceship to go to the surface.

“Victoria! Come over here!” a man shouted.

Victoria saw that the man was Michael Smith. He was standing at the pillar next to the spaceship’s entrance dressed in a suit and tie like any other politician.

“Oh thank goodness you’re here!” he yelled with relief. “For a second, I thought we would have to leave you guys behind! Now come on! Let’s go!”

As Victoria bolted through the wooden bridge, Michael observed that she came alone.

“Hey, where are the others?!”

“They didn’t make it!” answered Victoria.

Michael was very concerned by this answer. “Didn’t make it?! No, that can’t be! Maybe they’re just—”

“They’re dead!” she yelled abruptly while continuing to run across the bridge. “The lions! They came and—”

BAM! The seven blood-stained lions rammed through the two doors and proceeded to charge through the bridge.

“Hurry Victoria! We don’t have time to talk right now! Come quickly!" Michael shouted.

Victoria increased her speed and hurried towards the spaceship. When she entered the massive vessel, Michael quickly followed. He shut the door behind them right before the lions could get to them and used a secret pin to lock it.

“Huh. Huh. Huh,” Victoria breathed.


“AAHHH!!” Victoria screamed.

“Don’t worry, Victoria. The lions can claw and bang on the door as much as they want, but without the pin, no person—or animal—can unlock the door. Trust me, Victoria. We’re safe.”

Yeah, but for how long though? Victoria questioned.

“Now then Victoria, I’m going to inform the pilots in the control room that every survivor is on board. You should go to the passenger room and put on your seatbelt. The control room is on the top floor and will take me a while to get there, but the passenger room is very close, so you should have plenty of time to get there.”


As the two politicians separated, Victoria walked through the spaceship’s corridor to the passenger room. The passenger room was a very long, white room that contained 750 seats and resembled the economy class of an airplane. Although there were windows and aisles on both sides of the room, there were no bathrooms or luggage compartments.

Victoria entered the passenger room exhausted and plopped down on the window seat that was closest to her right.

“I am so tired,” she said to herself.

Victoria’s seat was all the way in the front and was far from her peers and acquaintances at the back of the room.

I’m all alone, she thought. But that’s ok. I’m happy with my seclusion. I really don’t want to explain to my friends what happened to Richard, Abigail, or the soldier.

I just want to forget. I want to forget it all.

Victoria began to cry.

I want to forget, but I can’t help it. I miss Richard. I miss him so much.

He was my partner, my significant other, my soulmate. He meant everything to me, and now he’s dead.

Mucus began to leave Victoria’s nose.

We had so much in common: favorite foods, favorite television shows, favorite books.

Before this whole lion apocalypse fiasco, we were living together and trying to start a family. Richard would be Daddy and I would be Mommy. We would raise a little kid together in a nice house and the kid would one day grow up and leave the nest.

Victoria started breathing heavily through her nostrils.

Yet now, thanks to the Lion War, there is no house and there is no Daddy, but there is still a kid. I’m pregnant.