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Dear (Agent Name),

Knights aren’t as chivalrous as shown in children’s storybooks.

At first glance, Tymeria is a kingdom of beautiful wineries, fair maidens, and noble knights. But beneath its beautiful vineyards is a graveyard. A graveyard for the nonhuman races and any human who dares to help them. In Tymeria, the only good elf is a dead elf.

There was a time when the powerful were hunted for preying on the powerless, hunted by the knights in the night: the Knightmares. But eighteen-year-old Jevan knows his comrades are not the same free-fighting vigilantes of old. The crusade died; its crusaders reduced to common sellswords. It’s not a desirable life – assassinations, theft, a bit of butchery, bodyguard service – but they need to eat.

When Jevan accepts a request from a wealthy family to rescue a young girl, he assumes it’s just another job. At first, all goes well. However, the kidnappers they just killed weren’t mercenaries, but members of Tymeria’s religious military organization: the Paladins. And the damsel-in-distress is really part of a rare nonhuman race with the ability to transform into a deadly humanoid wolf creature – a wolfborn.

With vengeful Paladins hunting them, and the wolfborn’s presence generating a debate that may tear them apart, the fate of the Knightmares hangs perilously in the balance more than ever before. Because they know the facts – it was the Paladins who nearly wiped out the Knightmares long ago, and their extinction is now truly imminent.
Told through four alternating viewpoints, KNIGHTMARE is an Adult Fantasy novel of 95,000 words with a George R. R. Martin-esque narrative and a unique twist on the werewolf genre.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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