Author Topic: "Big ideas" narrative non-fiction  (Read 694 times)

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"Big ideas" narrative non-fiction
« on: December 03, 2019, 12:29:55 PM »
Greetings from Boulder, Colorado!

I've started sending out queries for my narrative nonfiction proposal Unnatural Selection: How Lying Drove Human Evolution, Sparked Language, and Kindled Civilization. I'll post the query, synopsis, etc.

My first impression of querying agents is that it's as much about passion as it is about business. I work in tech and I've said that working as a Product Manager is heaven is you're passionate about the product, and hell if you don't care about it, i.e., you're just coming in to work for the salary. Literary agents aren't paid by salary so they seem to only represent books they're passionate about.

Can I coin a new phrase, "LA preference"? It's like sexual preferences, only about literary agents. My LA preference is for agents who say they like "big ideas" narrative non-fiction. My turn-offs are middle-grade fiction and cookbooks. :-)

What are your LA preferences?

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Re: "Big ideas" narrative non-fiction
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2019, 01:20:50 PM »
Welcome, tdkehoe!

I think finding an agent is like finding a romantic relationship. It's about chemistry--their chemistry with your manuscript, and your chemistry with them. But there's definitely a business side as well, although I think the business side comes more on the publisher side. For me, that's where the heartache started. Working with my agent feels like a relationship (granted, a lopsided one, where I'm more into her than she is into me), but my (limited) interaction with publishers has felt depressingly corporate.

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