Author Topic: CP's/Beta readers needed for a YA contemporary romance  (Read 619 times)

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CP's/Beta readers needed for a YA contemporary romance
« on: January 24, 2020, 03:57:13 AM »
Hey, guys! I'd like some readers/critiques for a YA contemporary called AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST, about a group of ex-friends tackling their biggest regrets and fears during the end of the world.

Current rough query: Seventeen-year-old Zara Minett doesn’t believe in love or the end of the world. Her parents were in love, and they’re dead. Every other week, some Internet loser predicts the apocalypse but it never shows. She thought her friends were pretty dope, but they ditched her soon after her parents did. Not to mention PJ Smith-Davis, her ex-crush who traded her in for fame, fortune, and the world’s biggest boyband. Screw love; screw the apocalypse.

Until NASA reports a world-ending meteor shower in twenty-four hours. Zara’s hometown plunges into chaos. To preserve her mental wellbeing, she links up with the only sane people around. Unfortunately, that group is made up of her old friends, newly dubbed Team World-Not-Ending. They invite her on an epic, city-wide adventure. If everyone else is going to go crazy, they might as well enjoy themselves. And when PJ Smith-Davis stumbles across their path, eager to make amends with Zara, she finds herself warring with love and heartbreak.

Against her better judgement, she calls a truce with all parties and they set out. Only their journey takes them down memory lane, revealing truths about the past she hadn’t realized or wanted to. With time running out, Zara is left with a choice. If she’s right and the apocalypse is fake, she’ll have to go back to her old life, her relationships unresolved. If she’s wrong, she just might die alone. Unless she confronts her past and herself. 

I'll return the favor and I read most things except typical fantasy (usually overly-European stuff), and erotica. Otherwise I'm pretty much open! PM me if interested and we can go from there 😊