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Opinions on Trilogy order
« on: Yesterday at 03:41:56 AM »
 My trilogy, Pindra Generations, is a book that I've basically written the books out of order. The middle book is first. Let me give you a run down so everyone understands my dilemma.

Pindra Generations-Protector

This story is about a man who becomes the Protector of a destructive crystal in order to keep it out of the hands of a power hungry king.

Pindra Generations-Keepers

This story is about two of the Protector's family members who have been made unwittingly by the Protector, the Keepers of the destructive crystal in order to do the same thing as their uncle. With a few twist.

Pindra Generations-Seeker

This story is about the daughter of one the the Keepers who has to find the destructive crystal and use it to fix a problem that was caused in the middle book, Keepers. Basically her father put the crystal in a place that only his bloodline can get to.

My book, Keepers, actually is necessary to come first because nobody knows who the Protector is and most, excepting the Protector himself and the power hungry king even know that there is really a crystal with destructive power. The Keepers don't even know what their role is at the beginning of the book. These things are revealed as the book is written.

Obviously, Seeker would have to come next as it's about fixing an issue caused in the book, Keepers.

Now, you are probably asking yourself, "Why have the book Protector, at all?" The answer is, because the connection between the Protector and the power hungry king leaves questions as to: how did the Protector even get that role? So there's a definite story there to tell.

Here's my question, is it actually doable to publish these books in this order? What would you do if you disagree?  :huh:
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