Author Topic: CP or critique group for YA Contemporary/Action - Let's form a group!  (Read 1100 times)

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My debut novel, CHANGE, is complete at 69k words . It's about a high school junior who gets thrown into a situation that challenges him mentally, physically, and emotionally. There's lots of action, a bit of romance, and a touch of humor. Think Maze Runner meets I'll Give You the Sun in a Netflix movie. I'm seeking a critique partner or group who can help me focus on what's wrong.  Several people have read it and really enjoyed it, but it's been rejected by the agents I've queried.  I'm very open to feedback. 

I'd love to help you with your novel(s) as well.  I enjoy YA contemporary, fantasy, romance, action, etc.  I basically love it all.  I'm not especially into werewolves, but you might surprise me!  Let's help each other get published.  Thanks!

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