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Writing a very complicated manuscript...
« on: March 20, 2020, 03:28:42 AM »
Hi everyone, I have written about eight picture books (all just under 1,000 words) since November and I'm trying to turn them into manuscripts. I am definitely not an illustrator, in fact, I have Aphantasia so I can't even imagine anything visually in my mind at all. My ability to draw anything is rather crummy and it's not something I would even attempt to try.

The downside to all of this, is that I have to include a ton of illustrations notes and I know that doing that is often frowned upon. I'd hate to overcomplicate a manuscript and I have tried so many ways to simplify it, but it's messy, I can't even lie. As crazy as this sounds, I'm actually not picky at all about the illustrations (especially since I can't even visualize my own work in my mind). The problem is my stories all have very species specific characters, and because of this, it is critical that they are illustrated as certain animal species. For example, one character is a bonnethead shark so it is crucial that the shark reflects that specific subspecies and not a great white shark for example, because the book mentions something unique about that subspecies that other sharks are not capable of.

All of this leads me to my next question... Would it be better if I hired an illustrator myself and submitted the manuscript with illustrations once it is complete rather than sending a manuscript full of notes? Or is this something literary agents wouldn't mind digging through even with the illustration notes? I feel like I have a lot of complicated things going on (one not even mentioned here) and I am really trying my best to make it as simple as possible, but at the same time, I think it's what really makes my stories unique. It's not something I have ever seen done before. I can't stop dwelling on the fact that someone might not even look at it though since it is so complicated. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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