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My new template
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Dr. Michael Walters


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Dear Agent:

Keith Lane wants to ensure that nobody ever dies like his mother-in-law did, from COPD. Stan Jones wants to keep his family’s legacy alive. The two protagonists will compromise. Keith’s problem is the politics of Freeland, West Virginia, where Stan’s company is based, in 2032 America. Stan faces few insurmountable obstacles, until four of a miner’s children die from exposure to Freeland Coal’s blue dust. Stanley’s father’s deathbed wish, alongside the fallen children, pushes Stan to call Keith and assist Freeland.

In American Impasse, a 40K word work of historical fiction, though ending in a proposed future, the damaging effects of white supremacy on the United States’ positive foundations are revealed, beginning in Reconstruction, with the founding of Freeland, West Virginia, by freed slaves journeying north after the Civil War.

American History in black and white, with diverse characters the rule outside of Freeland, the novel’s black matriarch escapes racial terrorism in Oklahoma. Her grandson is Keith. The sheriff of the town from which Ruby Lane escapes founds Freeland Coal. Family members meet three times: first, when Sheriff Bradley makes eye contact with Ruby in Tillwood, a town destroyed by racism; second, when two relatives hold a sign during the Civil Rights Movement’s March on Washington, and third, when Stanley Jones asks Keith Lane to environmentally remediate Freeland, the last American coal town.

Just as Howard University historian Hana Rajia Loro eventually revealed the violence of Tillwood, she is slated to launch a book on the family connection between the Lanes and the Joneses. However, Stan Jones discovers that the book launch will be attacked by forces unconcerned with how many they kill or injure – seemingly only interested in undoing the efforts to enshrine multicultural democracy -- in the last municipality to eschew fossil fuel use. He tries to stop the attack as the curtain closes.

I was inspired to write American Impasse by Donald Trump’s election, enabled by the historical obstacle of American white supremacy, and my Doctor of Letters dissertation, comparing and contrasting the histories of Haiti and Ireland. My article, “On Overcoming Colonialism – a Dual Case Study,” appeared in The Human Prospect in 2018. I had a short, but prolific journalism career from 1997-1998, mostly covering Hudson County, NJ. I teach math and English simultaneously, at two New Jersey Colleges.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dr. Michael Walters