Author Topic: Seeking critique partner(s) and/or beta reader(s) for adult upmarket/literary  (Read 1074 times)

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Hello, friends! I have recently completed my first edit of my first novel, a ~80,000 word literary/upmarket story told from first-person POVs—three to be exact—of equal duration and with each one occurring in a different decade (2000, 2010, 2020). I am interested in beginning to query sometime this summer, so I am looking for beta readers and/or critique partners to help get it into fighting shape in the next couple of months. I love YA, but I would prefer those well-read in current adult literature. If you're interested in a swap, I'm happy to ready any genre, but might struggle a bit with high concept fantasy or science fiction.

I have a degree in English with a writing concentration, and feel confident in my skills as an editor for both grammar and development. I've been told my feedback is tough, but I try to lift up the bits I love as much as the one's that could use work. My computer is a bit dated, so I prefer providing feedback in Google Docs.

Feel free to reach out with more information! I would love to work with some of you—I promise I'm a lot of fun and a great cheerleader. :) If you want to see a sample of my work, I recently posted my first chapter, under the same username with title "Journey Through a Bubble," in the first chapter section of this forum.